review: Is Gearbunch a Legit Shopping Store?

Every search has a home, thus your search has got one. There are many websites up on my sleeves which are considered as scam and one of those is The site resembles to most of the bogus sites. There might many questions tantalizing in your mind, and for the very reason you people are reading this right now. promises you all to deliver marvelous leggings with stylish leggings, new wear tops, all kinds of bottoms and even the latest hooded blanket and swimwear for the people who are fascinated towards swimming. The shoes are even offered by the website. But all these claims are fake, to twist the sentiments of the people. review Is Gearbunch a Legit Shopping Store

 Reasons for considering it a scam website:

As to prove itself a legit website, the owner details should be entitled. As we all have seen that the trustable sites like flipkart, myntra, etc have provided all the details completely. On the other hand, has not provided any information regarding the owner on the website and even on the WHOIS. As the company is servicing to hide its information, it cannot be trusted. Therefore it’s been predicted that the information pertaining the address, email address, and the contact number are 100% fake.

It’s been noticed variably, that the reliable sites have logos which are clickable during checkout, and therefore these logos takes you directly to the official website. On the contrary, the logos introduced in the website , takes you back to the homepage of the website. Thus, this makes the company doubtful that the payment transferred to the company is not secured and hence the details of your card can be misused by the third party. Therefore we suggest you that if you already have ordered something from, then immediately contact your bank to bring the problem under their considerations and issue you another card.

With the help of the reviews of the people which makes the image clearer we can truly not recommend you to shop from this website. Some reviews of the folks claims that whatever product they ordered was not delivered on the prescribed time. While others states that the product they were delivered with was of damage and of cheap quality . Therefore most of reviews of the people were related to the lame response of the company towards the mails of the shoppers . They were people who were angry over the refund policy, and even just gave one 1 star on trust pilot to the performance of the company.


As we say every research has a result, in the same way this research of our, it went on the conclusion that website is a fake website which is absolutely corrupted. It’s better to stay away than to become victim of such website which can disintegrate the performance of your personal life. We have added in our “Avoid Scam”.

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