What is Avastcoin.com? Is Avastcoin Scam?

What is Avastcoin.com? Is Avastcoin Scam?

Bitcoin is amazing and it has generates a new kind of market for itself. Many website are operating to allow people to invest their cryptocurrency with them. One of such website is Avastcoin.com. If you are finding information or review about Avastcoin or ‘get bitcoin forever’ website, you have arrived at the right place. In this Avastcoin review we are dealing with general doubts like, Whether Avastcoin is Scam or Legit? Whether Avastcoin is Real or Fake? These questions trouble people a lot. Increasing craze of bitcoin had given the birth to a whole new investment market or new topic to fool people. If you are not interested on to read full review and want us to brief you about this website, then ‘we do not recommend this website’. Avastcoin website is working on the ponzi scheme phenomenon. In ponzi scheme, company pay to its members from the money deposited by the new members and so on. They do not have any other plan to generate money. It means they are accumulating debt from the people and when they got the sufficient amount they will run away for sure.

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What is Avastcoin.com Is Avastcoin Scam or Legit Is Avastcoin Real or Fake Avastcoin Review, Avastcoin

How does Avastcoin works?

Avastcoin claims to be an Investment Company specialized in Currency Trading, mainly in Bitcoin. They are assures about the profit, that member will get on this website. What happens generally, genuine website provides the information of their owner, chairman, MD or personals working in their company? Avastcoin does not provide any such information on their website. They are lacking in transparency in their website. The major reason of talking about the information of company is that, you are going to invest your hard earned money. You must have assurance of authenticity of the company. Company is assuring profit but they did not talk about their originality or authenticity of itself.

They also guarded their information in WHOIS records and anybody can check it. Guarding detail is the characteristics of scammers who were involved in some other scam website. They are just hiding their identity so that when they run away with people money, no one will be able to catch them.

The company gave proof of their legitimacy via providing certificate from the UK Companies. They are registered under the company name: AVAST COIN LIMITED and the company number: 11204226. We are not concerned about the originality of the certificate because anyone can get his certificate by paying just 20GBP. Our concern is that many website listed in our Not Recommended list also got certificate from UK Companies and some of them declared as a Scam Website later on.

Their proof of legitimacy does not contain any legitimate ground. We advise our readers investing your money in this website or not, are your call. We highly recommend ‘avoiding’ this website. Taking risk is different thing and foolishness is different. Until now we did not discuss the investment plans but it does not matter what they write on their website, if they do not have any kind of genuine backing to be a genuine website.

Investment Compamny main work is very simple. They urge people to invest their money with them for making investment as per their plans. It means Investment plans are the backbone of Investment Company. The Avastcoin Company has 3 plans to offer its members. They are paying 3%, 4% and 5% daily interest on the different deposits (according to the plan). The numbers are very high and profitable at the same time. They are just a trap to attract investor attention towards this website. There is very high possibility that company pay initially according to their plans but in later period they will not. It is because their plans are high unsustainable for any company. Nobody can ever provide such a good interest rate.

The company also have affiliate program in their website. They are offering 15% commission and 7 level award programs. The commission is very good because earning money via affiliate program is not unique every other website use it. But the commission rate of genuine website is very low. The Avastcoin referral programs make it non-reliable from an investment point of view.


Avastcoin is not recommended by us. We have discussed all reasons above. As we have already mentioned, investing in this website or not is your call. You have to make this decision. Earning shortcut may happen but it never been sustainable. Companies are going to lure you and your inner voice also urges you to believe such company offers. In later time, Avastcoin Company is not going to profit you and you might end with losing your money.

Wealthy Affiliate Company is working very hard to help people to earn full time. You can use their training programs to become your own boss. You can get detail of this company by reading its review. Access the review by clicking the link: https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

If you have any doubt or query about Avastcoin then share it with us. You can drop your comment in the comment section.