GetUpside app Review: Is GetUpside app Scam or Legit?

GetUpside app Review: Is GetUpside app Scam or Legit?

Recently the days are been counted by the shopping activities. There are many ways in businessmen tries to attract prospective customers. They offer various kinds of deals to their customers, and one sort of deal is getting cash back while shopping. But there is an app named GetUpside which provides you cash back whenever you gas up, you go out to dine, do your grocery shopping at certain stores and places.

The amount of money earned per month totally depends on your shopping activities. But you can possibly earn nearly $50 in a month.

GetUpside app Review Is GetUpside app Scam or Legit

How does GetUpside app works?

  • Sign up = The GetUpside app can be downloaded on Apple and Google Play store. The app is free and easy to use. But GetUpside app can be used only in US and that to in certain areas (Columbia, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Long Island, and around the metro parts of Washington DC and Baltimore).
  • Claim offers in participating Gas station, Grocery stores, and Restaurant = You need to let the app have an access your location to see all the Gas station, Grocery stores, Restaurants nearby you. Once you click on the participating store, you’ll see how much cash back stores will provide you.

Firstly, you can earn cash back by gassing up. The amount of money you will earn depend on the offers available.

Secondly you can earn cash back by shopping on grocery stores that are in partnership with GetUpside app. You can even earn 35% cash back when you dine in restaurants.

When you think of participating gas stations, all the major brands have participated like Shell, BP, Mobile, Exxon.

On the other hand, GetUpside on their site mentions Street’s Market and Moti’s Market for Grocery stores and Angelico, Botanero, and Little Dipper Hot Pot for restaurants.

  • Upload receipts = Once you claim an offer which will contain the details of how much you will earn and on what stores it can be spend. Offers will have a limited time, and you will have only 4 hours to use after you grab it. One thing should be kept in mind, that the payment should be made through Debit and Credit only as it will not entertain payments made through cash and gift cards. The reason behind this is that Debit and Credit card will show your name on the receipt, which allows them to verify that it was only you who was making the purchase. Even you are limited to 50 gallons per offer and can upload only two grocery cash back receipt.
  • Cash out = Once you upload the receipts, the approval of receipts will take up to 28-48 hours. The GetUpside will require you to have a certain amount of cash back before you cash out. The cash back and rewards can be cashed out by using PayPal. You will be charged $ 1 for cash out under $15 by using PayPal and mailed check under $50.The GetUpside app claims that payment through PayPal will show up in your account within 24-48 hours but check payments will take a bit more longer.
  • Referral rewards = Fortunately, GetUpside provides a referral program which allows you to refer people. When your friends join GetUpside app using your referral code you will $.20 per gallon bonus on your next purchase. In addition to this, you will also get $.2 for every gallon of gas purchased by your referred friend.

Demerits of GetUpside app:

  • The first problem with this GetUpside app is that it only accepts payments through Debit card and Credit card and not through cash. We basically understand that payment through debit and credit card allows the company to verify that you were the only one who made the purchase .But it would be great if they add cash one of its payment method because payment via debit and credit card is not a comfortable method of payment for everyone.
  • The GetUpside app also restricts the members to upload the receipts of grocery cash back up to two per week.
  • The other disadvantage with GetUpside app is that it is available in certain areas. Therefore it means that there are limited people who can avail the benefits that the app offers and only few people can be referred.
  • Cash back is calculated on pre-tax and pre- tip total.

What is good about GetUpside?

  • It’s an easy and simple to use application with straightforward uses. It is convenient to find and redeem cash backs in your area.
  • It has partnered with a lot of Gas stations, Grocery stores, Restaurants to provide you various deals availing at that time so that you can take advantage of offers in order to get cash backs whenever you go for shopping, to dine, or gas up.
  • The best thing about GetUpside app is that it provides you different options when it comes to cashing out money. You can choose either of the options to cash out via PayPal, check, or gift cards. It provides the people with greater flexibility to choose what they want to do from the money they have earned and how to get it.
  • The app provides its members a referral program, which allows you to earn more.

Is GetUpside a legit or scam?

As it’s been explained the benefits of this app and what it offers, thus we recommend you to use it if it is available in your area. GetUpside app is a legitimate app which helps you in earning cash backs whenever you procure groceries, gas up at gas station, and dine in certain areas which are partnered with GetUpside app. GetUpside app is working in order to expand its working and not limiting to the areas of US. Thus if you have not used this app yet, then we suggest you to use if GetUpside is serving in your area.