GiftPanda app is legit or scam? GiftPanda app Review

As after working over the internet for the whole day long is just sheer waste of time. But as I have reviewed many applications ad surveys sites and have separated them on the basis of legitimacy. People can utilize their energy and valuable time in taking surveys and completing tasks.

As there are many similar applications that help people to earn money to a great extent.  While majority of these applications do not withstand with the claims they have made. This creates doubt and suspicion in the minds of the users.

While I was browsing internet I came across a rewarding application named GiftPanda. But due to various incidents we cannot trust it without taking the details into investigation and proper observation. Therefore for the same purpose we will write this article and go deep into the details and check whether GiftPanda is a legit app or another strategy to scam people?

What is GiftPanda app?

GiftPanda is a rewarding application which allows its members to earn points which can be redeemed in the form of cash.  The company pays you for completing surveys, installing apps, taking offers, inviting friends, etc.

The application is presently available on the Google Play Store. Before the application was available onn iOS devices but if you will browse the official site of GiftPanda then you will clearly see that the application can be downloaded only from Google Play Store.

The GiftPanda application was invented by ayeT-Studios. It’s the same company which is already operating a company named CashPitare. GiftPanda app is seldom identical to apps like CashKarma, AppKarma, FeaturePoints, etc.

How GiftPanda tends to work?

As mentioned before that GiftPanda is a rewarding app which states that the application get it’s funded from various sources. These sources come from different advertising and market exploration companies.

This relates that whenever any of the users complete the task the partnered companies pay these companies like GiftPanda. Hence, afterwards you people get paid for completing tasks.

GiftPanda app is available on Google Play Store. Signing up is absolutely free no expense is to be incurred for joining GiftPanda app. After you install the application you will be required to accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy laid down by the company.

Registration is quite simple and you can log in either using your email address, Google account or Facebook id. After logging in you will be directed to dashboard which will contain present day top offer followed by 3 other fresh categories which will allow you to earn money. The company provides various

Ways of earning money by using GiftPanda app:


This section fetch you money when you provide your valuable opinion and views to marketing investigation companies. The company GiftPanda links you with various marketing research companies including Pollfish which is well known and legit research company.

If you want to get entrance to these survey routers then you must be prepared to answer some of the demographic questions. Even for every survey you opt to do you will have to qualify a screening test so that the testers can certain that you are notional nominee. But considerably you will not be paid if you do not qualify the test but you will be directed to other survey. On an average basis you can expect to earn $1 survey.

Apparently it is observed that sometimes you earn more while other time you earn less but this money system depends totally on the survey length.


This section of offers brings various opportunities in the form of task which allows you to earn money including installing apps, trying games and log in for free trials, etc.

It is strictly advisable to read all the instruction properly before doing any of the tasks. Otherwise if you do not qualify all the requirements then you will not be credited after all the efforts you have made.

Some of the accessible offers in UK are:

  • Lords Mobile: You will receive 4080 coins if you install the application and reach the level 11 after playing.
  • Cleanfox: You will receive 460 coins after you install the application and create an account.
  • Moolabag: You can receive 700 coins for just installing the app and reaching 50 points.
  • Survey Savvy: You just need to install the application and send one assorts of data. For this purpose itself you will receive 1020 coins.
  • CashKarma: You will receive 720 coins for just installing the application and reaching the limit of 850 points.
  • MobileXpression: You will receive 2560 coins for installing the application and keeping the after for at least 7 days after registration.

This offer section even shows you various survey routers which you can use to fetch money. Some of the routers are Yuno, Your Surveys, etc.

Until and unless you do not complete the offer you task will remain pending. Therefore your account will also not update.

As been claimed by the company that the support team of GiftPamda is highly effective. Hence it is advisable that if your point doesn’t add up then you must connect with support team.

It is highly suggested that you should always avoid those offers which mandatorily require their members to deposit. Because this may happen that at times you may not receive you hard earned share even after you complete the offer. Therefore it’s better to aware than to be late.

Refer Friends:

Fortunately the company provides an option to help their members to reach the threshold. For earning commission the users of GiftPanda can send referral links. After that your referral log in and start using the application you will receive 10% of their earnings with extra commission of 5% when their referrals earn.

Payout Limit:

Though the cash out limit depends on the country you reside in. But on wider part the minimum cash out is $5 which equals to 5000 coins. After reaching the threshold you can withdraw your account via PayPal.

As if you are the residents of UK, Germany, Frnace, Itlay and Spain then you can grab four different options for redemption: Mobile recharge, PayPal, Amazon Gift Card, Visa Prepaid Card. But if you live in US then you can choose various Gift Cards other than option mentioned above.


No doubt the application Gift Panda is legit but it’s really annoying to waste time on apps which do not pay in reality. The app is sulking and there are many complaints from the users of missing points. Therefore we do not recommend an application like Gift Panda to our readers.

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If you have any doubts and queries then contact us through putting your doubts in the comment in the section below.

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