GimmeGimmeUs.com Review: Is It Scam or Legit?

You definitely might be searching about GimmeGimmeUs.com that’s the reason you have landed here. Though you research has found its way and it ends right here. In this article we will include whether GimmeGimmeUs.com is scam or legit?

GimmeGimmeUs.com is a website which promises to offer all kinds of products which is used in our daily life. It provides portal products for kitchenware, gadgets or if the products are suited with our fashion blogs or pet foods etc. GimmeGimmeUs.com assures to provide all the latest and cool stuff on their online store and commits themselves to be a trend heaven.

Therefore instead we conclude GimmeGimmeUs.com a scam website and reasons for such a claim are explained in the following paragraphs.


Reasons for Non Recommendation:

First and foremost the identity of the owner mentioned in the website is fake and this claim becomes fact when WHOIS records were gone through. No information is been mentioned in the WHOIS records about the website as such are the common characteristics of the scammers.

A big blunder red flag comes at the time of checkout when we see some trusted logos like McAfee, Norton SECURED, and so on which are fake and none of them are clickable. Thereto the logos should be clickable and when we click on them they should take us to the official website of the respective logos while verifying the trust seal logos to the providers.

The only reason these scammers use such trust logos in order to make innocent people believe that the sites are safe and legit and their financial and personal information is completely case. But it’s not the case because the scammers benefit themselves by hurting the emotions of people and withdrawing their hard earned money from the bank without their knowledge. However it is advisable for all our readers to withdraw their details from such scam sites and contact the bank immediately so as to renew you another card.

It is observed and verified that GimmeGimmeUs.com is identical to GimmeGimme.Us and both of the sites have similar features. Even the name of the two sites is same except their domain names. There are many new and fraudulent sites hovering these days and their aim is to corrupt the details and money of the people for their own advantage. They just do copy and paste their details all over the different websites again and again as in a part of their continuous routine. In return there are many complaints regrading such sites by the customers as they were often delivered with no goods or on case they were delivered then the products were of cheap and low quality. Therefore it is preferable to detach yourself from such unscrupulous sites and people.

The ” Refund Policy” of GimmeGimmeUs.com claims that the products with discount label will neither be refunded nor it would be returned. Therefore all the products can be seen are with discount labels and there is not a single product which is not discounted. Hence these are some of the tactics which are used by scammers to trap and dupe the innocent and honest people.

As such sites are prone to cyber attacks and data theft which ruins the private life of the personages.

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It is pretty much clear that GimmeGimmeUs.com is absolutely a fake website and such sites are growing day by day to trap the people. Therefore one should keep in mind that the moment we think of shopping or working online we should always do a bit research for our favour so as to help ourselves and our environment.



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