What is Giracoin.com? Is Giracoin Scam or Legit?

Are you searching for the Giracoin.com site then your search has let you at the right place. In this Giracoin Review, we will answer questions regarding our reader’s doubts. Our readers have asked questions like is Giracoin Scam? Or is Giracoin Legit? Or is Giracoin Real? OR is Giracoin Fake? There is much has written about the Giracoin. We have found it is working on the Ponzi scheme and pyramid scheme. It means this company is a blend of unsustainable and non reliable business model because both the scheme on which they are operating are illegal. Yes, Ponzi and pyramid scheme are illegal. If you are not willing to read the whole article and you need just a summary or brief of this article, we can provide you that also. We do “Not Recommend” the Giracoin. It is simply because they are working on a ponzi scheme. In this scheme, the company pays to its members from the money deposited by the new members. This way they accumulate huge debt over them from the public. In the absence of any plan to generate revenue for the company and the members, the Giracoin is going to collapse soon. They will pay initially because this is how Ponzi scheme works.

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What is Giracoin.com Is Giracoin Scam or Legit Is Giracoin Real or Fake Giracoin Review, Giracoin

How Does Giracoin works?

Let’s first, we talk about the Giracoin owner details and information. We check the WHOIS records of the Gira coin site, we found out that the owner of Giracoin site is Ramon Simon. His name is listed as the owner of this site but the problem is that the official site of the Giracoin does not mention it. The only information you get in Giracoin site is that the company is from Switzerland and nothing much. They have the registration certificate but their certificate does not provide them a license to work on the illegal scheme in which they are working.

Affiliate marketing strategy works two ways. First, it helps members to earn extra money on the site that is providing the affiliate program. Second, it helps the company to increase their sale. As members promote companies product and make a sale. The company gives them a commission on the number of sales made by the company. As per the Giracoin compensation plan, the affiliate needs to invest in the company passive ROI plans to earn back ROI. When member invests in their plans, they will get token in exchange which can further convert into Giracoins.  When member recruits a new affiliate on this site who also invests in one of the ROIs then they will earn commission from the investment made by the new recruit.

But Giracoin is deceiving the member by making them believe that they are investing the money in their so-called cryptocurrency i.e. Gira Coins, whose value will be an increase in future. In reality, the value of the Gira Coins is depending on some arbitrary value set of the company.  If you want to see their ROI plans where affiliates believe that they are investing in their cryptocurrency then we have listed them below:

Starter: Invest € 50 and receive 500 tokens

Professional: invest €120 and receive 1200 tokens

Consultant: invest €550 and receive 5500 tokens

Expert: invest €1200 and receive 12000 tokens

Broker: invest €3000 and receive €30000 tokens

Manager: invest €6000 and receive 65000 tokens

Principle: invest €9000 and receive 100000 tokens

Executive: invest € 13000 and receive 150000 tokens

Director: invest €26000 and receive 300000 tokens

President: invest €33333and receive 400000 tokens

Ruler: invest €111111 and receive 1400000 tokens

You can see that the plans are very exciting and lucrative. You will not be able to understand their working until you are an expert in this field. The affiliate can convert those token into their so-called Gira Coins whose value is based on their some arbitrary value set. Giraconis has provided residual commission up to 15 levels. The level one means the direct referral that you make and the second level is what your direct referral makes and so on the link goes up to 15 levels. You are going to earn commission up to 15 levels that are below in your link. The commission depends upon the plan your recruits choose.  This is nothing but a Pyramid scheme. Paying referral commission on the sale of investment plans without selling any real products or services, this type of working fall into the purview of illegal scheme i.e. Pyramid scheme.

In reality, there is no cryptocurrency available in real with the name Gira Coin. They have claimed that they are launching Girabuy, an e-commerce platform to be filled with third-party merchants. Still, they have not launched it in real. In reality, they cannot do that because no legitimate merchant will accept these Gira coins because it is not a real cryptocurrency.

Now, the question must be rising in your mind, on what basis we are declaring that the Giracoins are not real cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is not old it is still in its nascent stage and people are finding the ways to leverage the technology of the bitcoin i.e. blockchain technology. Now, we all know that bitcoins are generated via mining process. The pioneer in cryptocurrency is the bitcoins and it is not started with the investments made by the company. It means that the real cryptocurrency is generated only by mining process and not by the investment made by the people like Gira coins is doing. The company has told that their coin is based on the real blockchain algorithms, but they have failed to provide any proof of that claim. We need some solid proof to authenticate their claims. It means the company Gira coins are not a real cryptocurrency and a real cryptocurrency does not need any kind of investment from the people. The business model of the Giracoins does not make any sense. What is happening here is that the Giracoins are paying its members from the investments made by the new member which is nothing but a Ponzi scheme.

The difference between the other Ponzi scheme companies and Giracoins is that Giracoins is confusing people by converting their investment into token first and then into the Giracoins whose increasing value assured the affiliates that they have invested at the right place. Now to earn more Giracoins they will go to promote the company plans and try to make new recruit under them and earn commission on their investment.

The Giracoins are not trading in the market. The rise and fall of the value totally depend upon the company admin. The easiest way by which the owner of the Giracoins can stop paying its members is by lowering the value of the Giracoins. The people who sell those coins, in the beginning, are the only people who make a profit on their investment. Other who joins this business late and also holds their coins in a hope to earn good returns are the one who is going to lose a lot.


We do Not Recommend the Gircoins due to various reasons that have been mentioned in the upper paragraphs. If you still believe that the company has really cryptocurrency with them then you should ask the with real cryptocurrency wallets that either Gira coins have any value outside of the Giracoin website or not. If yes, then you can invest your money on this site and also tell us. But we know that you will not find it because there is no such currency available in the market. We advise you to avoid this site and work on another good site.

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If you have any doubt regarding Giracoins site, please do mention it in our comment section. We will be happy to help you.

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