What is 17newsnow.com? Is 17newsnow Scam?

What is 17newsnow.com? Is 17newsnow Scam?

If you are on this page, it means you are also curious about 17newsnow.com. There is very high chance that you are finding out, whether 17newsnow is a Scam or Legit? There must be other doubts like whether 17newsnow is real or fake? Such questions are appropriate to ask about this website. There are various website that are turned into scam having similar working like 17newsnow. It is really easy to earn money as this website is claiming. Working on the internet from home is emerging industry. However, you must be very attentive not to fall into the scam websites trap. If you do not want to read full 17newsnow Review then we are going to help you by providing brief of our article. Unfortunately, 17newsnow website is 100% scam website. Hitofnews, 7socupnews, Capitalsofnews and others are a similar website by the same group of people and have same features like 17newsnow. All of the stated websites are listed in our Avoid Scam list. Such websites are already turned into scam website and there is high probability that this is also a scam website like others.

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What is 17newsnow.com Is 17newsnow Scam or Legit Is 17newsnow Real or Fake 17newsnow Review, 17newsnow

How does 17newsnow works?

Websites which are legit or real always provide information about them and their company professionals so that people will trust them and the credibility of the company increase. But this website does not provide their company owner information on their website. They did not even tell us about their personals. They hide their information in WHOIS records which simply point that they are hiding their identity purposely. They are cheating people and that is why they do not want anyone to catch them.

Company will asks to provide your email account as well as payment details of your online accounts like PAYPAL or PAYZA. You must be cautious before providing your details to any website. It is because your personal information will be sold to third parties without your concern. Revelation of your information and especially the financial information make you vulnerable to hacking. You run the risk of your email account being over flooded with irrelevant advertisements and spams.

17newsnow claims that they can you earn between $2- $4 for every piece of news you read on their website. They are providing more than 30 news articles daily on their website. By this you can get minimum $120 a day and $840 a week. They also indicate that members with a professional status also get 50% bonus added to their daily earnings. There is a minimum payout limit of $2400 and this where the most people will find out that the website does not pay to its members. When member request for the withdrawal of money initially their request does not processed by the company. When member contact with them, they told him/her simply that ‘request from new members take up to a month to be processed’. They offer you the option of a pay upgrade or complete some paid surveys for them in order to access your funds immediately.  This is the one of the angels by which company siphon money from you because member payout request still does not get processed by the website. Non-payment is the only and the major complaint people post.

The website space is full of adverts. The company via using their affiliate program increases the website traffic. They get ads by showing their website traffic. This is the main reason why company offering to pay $170 for every referral made by you among your social media friends. They have provided bonus on their referrals of 15% of the earning your referral will earn on a daily basis. All the offers claimed by this website is non-viable for any business entity. They are working on a very unsustainable business model. They are just gathering more traffic on their website. It is best if you keep off this site.


17newsnow is a scam website and completely fake company. So should stay away from such websites and also aware others. There are really no easy ways to earn money but there are ways by which one can earn money online.

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If you have any doubt regarding 17newsnow then please share it with us. We will be happy to help you.