What is Goodooclix.com? Is Goodooclix Scam?

What is Goodooclix.com? Is Goodooclix Scam?

So you are curious to know about Goodooclix.com? Earlier, we were also curious like you and then we start our research. In this Goodooclix review we are going to solve some general questions like, is Goodooclix Scam? Or is Goodooclix Legit? Or is Goodooclix Real? Or is Goodooclix Fake? We cannot directly tell you whether it is scam or not. It is very new website and since, it is a PTC site we have to wait for 1 year to say it is scam or not. But still there are various faults we found in this website which mark it as a non-genuine website. On the internet there are various PTC sites are available that are paying to its members regularly but still many new PTC sites try to utilize this PTC strategy to fool people. If you are not interested to read t his full article and do not want to know the faults we found on this website then, Goodooclix is Not-Recommended by us. It is not good website where one could invest their time to earn money.

If you are really want to earn money online then on the internet there are various website already exist that pay to its members regularly. We have prepared a list of some genuine website which you can access via clicking the link given: https://onlineincomeresources.com/legitimate-work-at-home-opportunities

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What is Goodooclix.com Is Goodooclix Scam or Legit Is Goodooclix Real or Fake Goodooclix Review Goodooclix

How does Goodooclix works?

Goodooclix is the professional advertising company. They sell advertisements and share their revenue with its members who view the ads on their website. They claim to offer you the opportunity to earn with them. They provide advertisements and rewards opportunities. They are helping people to find a way to earn long term business. In short it is a PTC site that offers advertiser a platform to advertise their company on their website and they pay to its members for viewing the ads.

Goodooclix offer free 100 referrals pack, free golden membership for 365 days. For those who do not know about referrals, it is the publicity strategy, by using it people increase website traffic which help them to earn more revenue. Company pays commission to its members. They are paying 10% commission on direct referrals. This company also offers people the rented referral. Rented referrals are those that which is purchase by members form the company and not made by them. The problem in rented referrals is that these are not real human beings but in reality they are bots which are administered by the company. When company face lose and they did because of their unsustainable plan, they cover their loss by reducing the per click rate by the rented referrals and member lose their money.

In genuine website, earning even $1 is very hard and they are offering 100 free referrals, which is not digestible.

The other way by which one can earn is by viewing advertisement. Goodooclix show around 20 ads on their website by which one can earn $0.01 per click. This website may pay initially because it is very new but their working is totally not feasible. They are just open a PTC website without proper working. If you invest your time and resources in this website then it will not be worthy. What we are trying to say is that there are other PTC legit websites available on the internet, that are good and paying its members regularly also. You have option to utilize your time in better website than Goodooclix.

Goodooclix does not provide the information of their owner. It is important to know about the owner since, information build trust on any website. Money is involved on this website and trust become imperative. They also guard their information in WHOIS records. Generally, only scam website guard their information because they do not want to reveal their identity.


Goodooclix is Not-Recommended by us due to various reasons stated in above paragraphs. There are no easy ways to earn money on any website. People success on internet seems to be very easy but in reality everyone had done their part of hard work to achieve what they did. If you also want to earn good and legit money then do not run behind the easy ways. It is so because many scammers have already created many website to loot those who want easy to earn.

Wealthy Affiliate Company is our no.1 recommend website that helped people to earn money online. They have various training programs. They mentor its members to earn money online. To get detail of their working please click the link to read its review: https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

If you have any question in our mind regarding Goodooclix feel free to ask with us. We will try to help you out.