Scam: Google FREE Apple iPhone X Visitor Browser Opinion Survey

Since you are reading this article it means you are trying to know that is Google FREE Apple iPhone X Visitor Browser Opinion Survey is a scam or not. It shows that you are a wise person who does not fall into the trap of unscrupulous people easily. You think before taking any action.

Have you ever got any email or notification claiming your IP address has been selected randomly to get a FREE Apple iPhone X? To get the gift you have to simply complete the short and anonymous survey. If you have been witnessed of such kind of messages then you should beware about it. It is totally a scam. It is for sure Google does not need to take such survey. Google is a giant IT company which at present has the enormous data with it and can take a survey on different levels. They do not need to send people anonymous messages to take the simple survey and award them an Apple iPhone X. Now you can understand that the message you received is not associated with Google by any means.

To catch such fraud people modus operandi, you have to just think wise and observe their pattern. The sender claims that you are one of the 10 randomly selected users who will receive this reward. But they actually have sent this message to more than 1000 people. Therefore, their claim proves to be fake and bogus.

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Scam Google FREE Apple iPhone X Visitor Browser Opinion Survey

Fake ‘Google FREE Apple iPhone X Visitor Browser Opinion Survey’

Scammers Modus Operandi

You might be thinking that what scammers are going to get from their activity. They are sending the emails and messages that you have won the Apple iPhone. If you are not a wise person then you will feel that you should see it. They just deceive the people and when somebody tries to think about it, the scammers got what they want. You without knowing start a survey about your details that will end up giving you personal information to scammers (people with no moral or ethical values).

The scammer uses the people information both personal as well financial information (if you have provided them is a hope to earn Apple iPhone X) for their own gain. They generally sell this information to the anonymous third party, which can misuse it or use it any way they want. You should understand that in present digital world the information is the new ‘oil’. You should always abstain from providing any of your details to such surveys. It is because if they can earn revenue by just selling your information then you can imagine yourself what they can do with your financial details (especially the credit card details). If you due to ignorance or unawareness has already given your credit card details in any of such surveys then you should contact your bank and try to save your money from the scammers, before they charge your credit card up to the 0 limit.

The scammers are trying to trick people to complete surveys and to sell them products or service by making them assure that they are going to get an Apple iPhone x (which is not real).

Lottery system works very simply, you buy a ticket like many others people and the lucky one name is selected randomly. But before winning a lottery it is imperative to buy a lottery ticket. It is not possible to win a lottery without buying the ticket. Therefore, such notification claiming you that you have won lottery is a complete scam. The people that conduct lottery get profit from selling the ticket and when you are not buying anything it shows that the people conducting such lottery are gaining nothing. Nobody in this world does anything for nothing. If in reality, any company want to conduct any survey they ask people to participate voluntarily. If they have to pay then they will go to pay very little money or any kind of reward. The surveys generally took on very large samples. Therefore, it is not conducive for anybody to give an Apple iPhone to people.


Below you can see the sample of the Google FREE Apple iPhone X message or notification image. This is the one kind of message you will receive. In reality, there are many different kinds of messages are sent by scammers. They just try to lure you but you should not get fall into their trap. It is because you can understand it completely that when you didn’t buy any ticket of the lottery then how will you be going to win it.

Scam Google FREE Apple iPhone X Visitor Browser Opinion Survey


Google FREE Apple iPhone X visitor browser opinion survey is not real and totally a scam. It is a scam because it is not associated with Google (from any angle) and their claims are bogus as well as fake. They are trying to leverage the people ignorance. If it is hard to believe us then you can contact Google regarding their survey. They will explain you very well about such kind of surveys. They do not need to offer Apple iPhone to conduct any surveys.

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If you have any doubt or question regarding ‘Google FREE Apple iPhone X Visitor Browser Opinion Survey ‘ then you can simply write it in our comment section. We will be happy to help you.


  1. Hi.. I accidentally provided my residential address and email address to these scammers..

  2. I have received Google FREE Apple iPhone X Visitor Browser Opinion Survey ‘ then you can simply write it in our comment section. We will be happy to help you.

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