What is Guru-Bank.com? Is Guru-Bank Scam?

What is Guru-Bank.com? Is Guru-Bank Scam?

You have visited the right page to know more about the Guru-Bank.com. There are many sites working on the internet claiming to be the best Cyrptocurrency investment site. The new Cryptocurrency regime has changed the way of scam sites working. Now some questions may arise, Is Guru-Bank Real? Or Is Guru-Bank Fake? There have been many question raised by readers that is Guru-Bank legit? Or Is Guru-Bank Scam? Many ponzi scheme is working on the site. In this scheme, company pays the already existing members from the money invested by the new members. There is sub type of ponzi scheme i.e. HYIP (High Yielding Investment Programme) in which company promises unsustainably high return on investment. If you want the answer in short, then we do not recommend the Guru-Bank.

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How Guru-Bank operate? Why we are not recommending it?

Credibility is essential for the generating trust on any investment company. Guru-bank on its site makes many fake claims from the beginning of their home page. Company has claimed that they are ‘leading its activity since 2016 in various activities such as stock exchange and mining’. But the company has registered the website in November 2017. How they sustained their online business for one year without going online? If they have any other site through which they were working then they should mention the link of that site. There are no link of such site and even no information of the owner.

This company did not provide any information of their owners and experts. Many scammers in past had followed the same tactics of hiding their information. They even did not provide any registration certificate of their company. They have provided the address of their company but merely giving the xyz address does not make them authentic. At home page they declared that they are Limited company and in the FAQs, they have clearly mentioned that they are the HYIP Company. This contradicting facts makes them non reliable.

As mentioned above, HIYP companies give very high returns. They have also high return investment plans. There is 132% of interest in every 1 hour and the maximum interest they are paying in 240% after 7 hours. HYIP companies usually work like this but such high amount of return is not sustainable for any business entity.

On home page the stated ‘watch the growth of your investment’ and ‘forget about any risks and possibility of losing your money’. In the FAQs section they have clearly mentioned that ‘Cryptocurrecny being a conventional currency are subject to daily changes in rates of purchase/sale’. If this currency is so volatile then how they assure that there is no risk involve or they can provide a very high returns. These are the points which go against their claims. How someone will invest in a company who had such high numbers of contradiction on their main site?

They have affiliate referral programme. 3-tier referral programme provide the 5%, 2% and 1% of commission on each level of program respectively. In referral program generally company use people time and resources to generate more traffic on their site. Even doing all the hard work people did not get money from them.


There are large numbers of contradiction present on their site and also not being a registered company they have zero credibility as an investment company. We do not recommend Guru-Bank.  To be safe and secure from such sites avoid it. The simple measures of precaution make your money safe from scam sites.

Earning money is everybody requirement. But there are hardly any easy ways present to earn it. Unprincipled people took the advantage of people eagerness to earn more money easily. There are many genuine online sites available on the internet to earn money online. Wealthy Affiliate is one of such company who is working in this field from last 12 years and become a reputed name. To know more about the Wealthy Affiliate Company, you can read our detailed review by clicking this link: https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

If you have any question regarding Guru-Bank. You may please ask us by dropping the comment in the comment box. We will be pleased to help you.