What is Hitcoin.trade? Is Hitcoin Scam or Legit?

What is Hitcoin.trade? Is Hitcoin Scam or Legit?

Do seeking to get solution of some questions regarding Hitcoin.trade? You are reading the right article. In this Hitcoin Review we are going to solve all the questions that are troubling you like, is Hitcoin Scam? Or is Hitcoin Legit? Or is Hitcoin Real?  Or is Hitcoin Fake? These are some general questions asked by our many readers. Online investment is not new many people are doing this from last 20 years. The cryptocurrency investment market is new and emerging very fast. The rate of bitcoin is also shooting daily and touching daily new heights. That is why many people want to get involved with bitcoins. But in reality people do not know much about bitcoin. How it works? Many website come in play here, which provide platform to people to invest their money or bitcoin with them and they will invest on people behalf. Since, the market is new and the experts are also not much experienced. But still many website providing very high returns to people and Hitcoin is one of them. If you do not want to read more and need our assistance at present, then we do Not Recommend Hitcoin. It is due the fact that Hitcoin is working on ponzi scheme. In the ponzi scheme the company pay to its members from the money deposited by the new members. Due to great debt acquired by company from public leads to collapse of company and lose of money for people.

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What is Hitcoin.trade Is Hitcoin Scam or Legit Is Hitcoin Real or Fake Hitcoin Review Hitcoin

How does Hitcoin works?

For any kind of business to gain trust from the people and its critics, transparency is imperative. The owner information is not disclosed on the website. They do not even provided the information of any professionals working on their company or information about the technology they are using. They do not have any proof of a person who owes this website. We tried to get the information from the WHOIS records but they have guarded it also. It means we will not be able to know who owns the company because they are intentionally hiding it. Why we need to know about their information? It is because your hard earned money is on stake. We want to be sure about the company so that nobody will regret in later time. If we do not know the people who are behind this website then it make easy for such company to run away with people money without fear of getting caught only due to one reason i.e. they leave no trails behind.

Hitcoin does not understand the importance of transparency. In the name of transparency they have just provided UK Companies Registration certificate. The company is registered under the company name: HITCOIN TRADE LIMITED and company number: 00191014. The companies registration is perfect and certificate is also original but the problem in this registration is that, many website earlier declared not recommended by us were turned into scam sites and all of them have one common feature i.e. UK Companies Registration. We done our home work and got to know that to get registration in UK Companies is not difficult. One has to pay just 20GBP to be a company owner. Therefore, Hitcoin claim to be a genuine company is not appropriate and solid enough for Hitcoin to work as Investment Company.

The Hitcoin Company is offering very lucrative investment plan. They are claiming to provide 124% of interest for 72 hours. The interests are very profitable for every investor and also unbelievable. Since, the company owner or personals working can easily get personal loans from the bank and invest that in their own company from which they can earn major profits. They do not go to bank because to bank they need to provide their every information. They need to give proof of their authenticity and also pay back to them on time. But they are asking from people to invest because they can fool people easily and do not have any responsibility because no one is present on the website to provide authenticity of the company. After one time when company accumulate enough money from the people then they will run away with people money and we have to regret only because that is what we can do.

If we assume that company is genuine and also pay what they are claiming then the investment plan of Hitcoin is very unsustainable and they will not be able to work for long and get collapse. It is totally futile to invest on such company which got no future to itself. They are ensuring the profits while investing in volatile currency and that is also in volatile market. Their claims are bogus and got no proof which point towards theirs authenticity.

The company also got affiliate programs to offer its members. To make referrals member does not need to be invest in this company. They have to make just referrals. Since, the more referrals one make the more traffic website receive and also the revenue. The company in reward pays commission to its members. The genuine company also gives commission but their commission is very low. On contrary to genuine website the Hitcoin is offering high commission i.e. 8% for first level and 1% for second level. The value of bitcoin is colossal at present time and the fraction of bitcoin is like ‘gold dust’. Therefore, commission 8% is very high and makes Hitcoin company more unsustainable and non reliable to work as the Investment Company.


We do Not Recommend Hitcoin website due to various reasons stated in upper paragraphs. Do not fall into companies lucrative traps because they are not going to help for any long. They are just using people ignorance and want to take advantage of this ignorance and turn it to increase their revenue.

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If you have any doubt regarding Hitcoin Company please bring in our attention we will try to resolve.