Pursue hobby of listening music? HitPredictor Review

Pursue hobby of listening music? HitPredictor Review

There are various ways to earn money online which are available. Some of the ways are taking surveys, offers, tasks, watching videos, playing games, installing applications and much more.

As everyone will agree on the fact that music is one of the astounding activity which relives tension, moderates mind relaxes body.

Hence there are variety of music been established on a daily basis. Some of them lure us away to the door of heaven while other distracts from our own feelings.

Recently we came across a company named HitPredictor which allows people to earn money by rating music. You are fetched by the knowledge that you will be paid by the company for ranking the music you listen.

Here the question raises whether HitPredictor is legit or just a way to trap people?

Pursue hobby of listening music? HitPredictor Review

What is HitPredictor?

With the help of the company HitPredictor, you will be able to effect the decision of music industry. HitPredictor is owned and operated by iHeart Media, Inc. Therefore in order to earn points you will provide your valuable response to the latest music.

Technically the music directors and record labels want to acknowledge the feedback of the common people like you and me prior releasing the music for the general public.

Therefore you will accumulate points each moment you feedback a song. Also you can collect more coins by inviting friends and even by answering polls.

Downfall for the HitPredictor is that the company does not exchange your accumulated coins for cash via PayPal or bank transfer. But the company will provide you weekly or monthly tickets for lottery in order to conquer the gift cards by Amazon.

It’s an amazing thought processing of developing a company which pays people coons for reviewing latest songs.

Therefore people from all over the world can become a part of HitPredictor but only the residents of US can receive coins for their

How HitPredictor does tend to work?

Becoming a part of HitPredictor is quite simple. All you need is to fill up a sign-up form which includes some general details like full name, gender, date of birth, country.

If you want to be notified for the latest available music then you need to mention your contact info so that the company will ping you whenever new task becomes available.

Once you become the member of HitPredictor by signing in, you will have to select 3 music styles according to your choice. The company has made a list of music styles and some of them are Active Rock, Urban, Hot AC, Classic Rock, etc.

Selecting your preference will determine your future music list in jukebox. In any case you are not sure about the type of music you hear then the company HitPredictor has also provided example of artist for each type of music. For instance, “Hot AC” style consists of various leading artists like Adele, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, etc.

Hence your preferences of music styles can be altered whenever you want from account settings.

Ways of earning money:

  • Grading music:

After making the choices you are all set for influencing the music industry. In the HitPredictor jukebox you will hear latest songs which are not yet released for the general public. The company has a great influence over the music industry as the artist and labels check the reviews of the members of HitPredictor. This way you can purely put your efforts to alter the music world through your sense of songs. You can retouch the latest songs which will become a popular hit in the upcoming future.

The surveys provided by the company are quite short and finish quickly. Many a times you will only be required to answer how much did you liked the song. Fortunately you can find some of the surveys available after tapping the orange cooler column on the left hand side.

At times you will also be required to provide feedback on artists. In order to receive variety of surveys you must always flourish valuable comments so that it becomes helpful for the company. In other case HitPredictor will not showcase you many songs for rating.

As everyone is aware of the fact that ordinary people are not much knowledgeable about the music, therefore try to provide honest opinion in simple words consisting of vocal, lyrics, background music, instruments. It is preferable to not invest more than 3 minutes on each song because you will only fetch 3 points for each song you review and additional 15 pints in case you are capable of rating 15 songs in just 7 days.

  • Contents:

On a weekly basis the company HitPredictor gives a gift coupon of $5 initial 10-50 people who had reached a specific position by rating songs. But this offer seems to be unavailable for the current period.

  • Responding Polls:

On the dashboard you will glimpse a section namely “answer polls” on the left side. The poll will include questions relating to music itself. Hence you will fetch 5 points for each poll you provide an answer.

  • Inviting Friends:

Fortunately HitPredictor provide its members to fetch more points by referring to friends. All you need is to copy and share your invitee code URL on your social media sites. The company will give you 25 points for every referral that joins the company using your code and rate at least 5 songs within the time period of 30 days. After then only you will be able to receive your points.

Shop Prize:

In this unit of “Shop Prize” you are welcomed to purchase the lottery tickets to participate in weekly raffles. Presently the company HitPredictor is distributing four Amazing gift cards worth $50 and $20 on weekly basis. This means that only 8 members will become liable to win these coupons every week.

To become one of the candidates for gift cards you should accumulate 200 points for $50 coupon and 100 points for $20 coupon. Each day you can fetch one ticket and more ticket entries you conquer more chances will be to win the raffle.

If you are lucky enough then you will receive an email from the company notifying that you have won the lottery. Hence you gift prize will be forwarded to you within 6 weeks of period.


Most of the time people are sending back with a caption pronouncing that you have already rated all the available songs. As it’s quite discouraging and heart breaking. If you observe the FAQ section of HitPredictor then you will notice that the company has stated the members will not be invited to rate all the listed songs. Instead the members will be allowed to remain in the jukebox only for a specified time.

Over the internet we can discover fusion of views about HitPredictor as some people are joyful being the member while others are quite annoyed with it.


In my final verdict I would convey that HitPredictor is absolutely a legit website which is performing quite well. But the website is not for those who have a desire to earn money online.

For you being the new member won’t be able to accomplish many songs. Another plunge with the website is that your chances of winning the prize in the raffle is quite low as only 8 members are selected per week.

Therefore we do not recommend HitPredictor website to any of our reader.

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