Wish to earn online money? Hivemicro Review

These days there are wide opportunities laying for all types of people. Some opportunities which fetch money are surveys, tasks, watching videos, installing applications, website testing, etc.

However, micro jobs have also become part of trendy opportunities. They are becoming popular day by day while bringing money in your pocket. Lately, I came across a company named Hivemicro which provide micro jobs to people who are looking for. Here, the doubt arises is that whether Hivemicro stand by its promises or not. Whether Hivemicro is legit or just another scam to dupe people? In this article we will snuggle into the depth of Hivemicro.

What is Hivemicro?

The company Hivemicro is found at Hivemicro.com. It is even called Hive work. Hivemicro is a micro working website which operates online providing money via completing small and monotonous tasks. Some of the popular tasks which company offer distinction between real life videos from fiction videos, drawing some boxes beside a particular delegated element, recognizing the pictures, spotting TV shows and movies. These tasks are based on those things on which we cannot rely upon computers.

How does Hivemicro work?

It’s pretty simple to use Hivemicro. You can use Hivemicro either browsing it or installing its application. All you need is to provide your name, email address, create a password and mention your country name.  After this you will be directed to member’s area. In this section you can find various micro tasks. Each of these tasks will require qualification process.

Therefore once you complete your minimum threshold you will be allowed to receive your payment. There are two payments methods provided by the company: Bitcoin and PayPal.

Therefore the company tends to work with members from all over the world. The moment you positively pass the exam you are free to complete as many tasks as you want.

How much company pays?

As from the reviews and a bit of research it is observed that Hivemicro is a low income potential website. The company pays nearby $4 for every 1000 tasks you complete. Therefore picture labeling pays just $0.10 for at least 1000 pictures you label.

Referral program:

Fortunately, the company offers its referral scheme to its users so that they can earn appropriately. You will receive $5 per referral code and hence your referrals will even receive $0.50. There is also a catch in here is that, you can share your referral code only after you collect $2 in your Hivemicro account.


  • The workload is tiring: The tasks which company encounters its customers are very tedious and mindless. The task does not fetch even much.
  • Low potential income: The capability of the company to pay its customers is very lame. The company tends to pay few cents after the completion of 1000 tasks. There are plenty of complaints regarding Hivemicro payment limits.


Definitely, Hivemicro is legit site. But the members have to work for long mile hours to earn just a little. Therefore it’s sheer waste of time for those who wish to earn decent amount of money from Hivemicro. The company will definitely ruin propaganda of the people wishing to earn money online. Hence, we do not recommend Hivemicro to any of our readers.

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