Is Scam? An E-commerce site without business!

Is Scam? An E-commerce site without business!

Welcome to our Review. We hope that you are also looking for it. Well, you end up in the right place.

We know, there are many sites are working, as a scam on the internet and we, like you, do not want anybody to fall into their trap.

So this article will answer some of the questions related to Homeap like, is Homeap Scam? Or is Homeap Legit?

As you know there are many sites working on the internet as an e-commerce site. We all do online shopping. Here, is the catch Homeap is also an e-commerce site.

The question arises about its credibility because there are many complaints against this site. We saw this site and observe its working. This article is going to reveal all those finding to you.

So, before starting our review, we want to appreciate your effort to do your own research. This shows that you are an aware person and you think before diving into it.

Daily hundreds of scam sites launch on the internet. Therefore, if you want to understand their modus operandi and types, you can see our list of Avoid Scam, here:

Company: Homeap

Type: E-commerce

Scam: Yes

Recommended: No

Brief: it is true that Homeap is a Scam site. They are cheating people. They are not good and keep a distance from this site. We do not recommend it. We have directly declared this site a scam one. But it does not end here. We have reasons to prove this claim, so you must read the whole article.

Is Scam An E-commerce site without business

What is Homeap? Why we do not recommend it?

Homeap claims to be an e-commerce site whose products deals in kitchen appliances. We are not interested in its business because whatever they are claiming is false and a hoax.

It is purely a scam site and we know it. We review sites like this daily. They did not even change their ways to work. They use the same strategy to fool people by changing the name and theme.

Reasons of non-recommendation

  1. No owner information: transparency is the bases of all the genuine company as it build trust among people. Since Homeap is not up for business, they did not think much about transparency.

We have not seen the information of the founder or owner of this site. If you find him/her then please make us aware. But we know they are hiding their identity and that is why they also hid their information in WHOIS records. It is one of the most common features of the scam sites.

  1. Poor quality product or no delivery: see this is what scam site do in general. They took money from the customer by showing them pics of their product and then never deliver the product.

But it is not 100% true. They sometimes deliver the products but the quality of the product is very poor that it does not even worthy of its price.

  1. Charge without consent: they charge their customers after 3 to 4 months of a time period without customer consent. They use their credit card details which customer provide while placing their order. 

It is not good to provide your information to any sites especially your financial information. If you have provided then contact your bank and company immediately.

  1. Discount Trap: you will observe a heavy discount on every product available on the site. It is not possible, therefore, we this site is either built by Santa clause or frauds.

Conclusion is a Scam site and we do not recommend it for the obvious reasons. These sites use people information to sell it to third part and earn good and handsome money. Do not fall into their discount trap. They are working just to fool you.

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If you want to share any doubt regarding Homeap then be our guest. You can write to us in our comment section. We will be happy to help you.