Is Honey Gain App a Scam? Honeygain Review

Is Honey Gain App a Scam? Honeygain Review

If you are wondering to make money online without giving something in return then probably you might have heard about the prominent app known as Honey gain app whose fascinating tagline specifies that Make Money From Home. As the catchword it explains that you are allowed to get money online without giving anything in return.

Therefore you might be in a thought processing that how can it be possible? As in the era of globalization nothing is free. So how can an app provide you money only by sitting at home. Is Honeygain app legit or scam? In this review we will be discussing about Honeygain usage, prons and cons and the method of using the application. In particularly we will be discussing whether the app is worth using or not?

Is Honeygain App a Scam? Honeygain App Review

What is Honeygain app?

Honeygain application helps people to earn money by just sharing their internet or unused data. The website specifies that data is used by the scientists who do research related to market, intelligence, and other. The app claims that it helps you to make your device a gateway allowing the clients to use your IP address. Honeygain app is an easy to use app which makes your device a gateway so that you can reach your unused internet to its full potential.

The unused data which is provided to the scientists are used by them to extract and obtain knowledge in order to solve complex problems to find solution for travel fare aggregation, SEO monitoring, price intelligence, ad verification, brand protection, market research.

Before Honeygain app was available only for Android users but recently they have launched Windows app. Therefore they claim that soon they will release an iOS version.

Honeygain app provides passive income for its users. The app works efficiently all over the world and the pay rate is same notwithstanding the fact that the place where you reside in.

To use Honeygain app you must be at a legal age of maturity avails in your respective country. In case you are underage then you might need the consent of your parents before using the application.

Advantage of using Honeygain app:

1. Easy and simple to use.
2. Available for Android and Windows users.
3. Passive income earned without don’t Ng any hard work.
4. Company does not collect any personal information.

Disadvantage of using Honeygain app:

1. Slow earner as it will take a lot of time to reach the minimum threshold.
2. Minimum payout limit is $ 20 which is way too high.
3. The app completely drains your battery.

How does the Honeygain app works?

It is very simple and effortless application which requires your unused data to keep you money warmed. You just simply need to install the app from Google Play Store and enter your email address. For further verification you need to visit your email inbox to click on he confirmation click to get started with the application.

In case you use computer then browse the page named honeygain.com and then apprantely click on the Windows logo presented below and download the respective software.

To know whether the app is working or not? If you are using Android then you will see a green notification in the notification bar. While in the case of windows just hover over the little bee icon in your notification tray.
The moment you start using the app, the app will start collecting your data and in return you will generate income. You can choose the leave the application running in your background as it won’t interfere in the performance of your device. As primarily the app uses the WiFi connection but you can change the settings to mobile data.

As the FAQ section of Honeygain website explains that the app uses minimum 2 GB of your data and it reach upto 15 GB depending upon your data speed. As the app uses 5-10 % of the battery daily so it’s a red flag for those who have been already struggling with the problem of battery drainage. But the app solves the problem as you can change the settings to activate the app only when the phone is on charging.

How Honeygain app pays you?

The app specifically claims that you can earn money upto $47+ per day and otherwise it depends on your internet Speed and the demand of traffic in your respective country.

You will earn credits for every kB of data you provide and after enough you can convert them into USD. As per the website for example you will get 0.01 USD (1 cent) for every 10 credits.

In other words you earn 1 credit for every 10 MB of traffic that you bring in. Therefore for 10 GB you will earn 1 USD. The app claims that the minimum payout limit is 20 USD.

Here the problem occurs is that the traffic is very slow and if you are using this application only through one device then you would not be able to make more than $0.30 per day.

How to earn more?

Firstly you can earn more by using Honeygain application in more than one device. Particularly for this you need different networks for different devices. This method will help you to maximize your potential payout.

Secondly to increase you earnings the Honeygain app provides a referral program. By using the personalized link provided to you by the app you will be able to get 10% of earnings of your referred friend every day and it will be added into your account.
Currently payout method available is PayPal but fortunately the company is trying to add more soon. As if you are a active user then your credits will not expire. But in such a case your credits will last upto 6 months counting from the day you were last active. The payout duration totally depends on your location. While using PayPal the payments will be processed within 24 hours.


As there are a bundle of complaints people are frustrated about. Some are complain about the high payout limit which will take several months to reach. Some people are worried about the claim the company made that people can earn $47+ per month which is skeptical. While some complain that the app uses more data of the device and paid less in comparison.


As it seems that Honeygain app is a legit and safe app but many people are upset about the claims that the company has made. Therefore the company should lower the minimum payout limit so that most of the people can reach the threshold which is $20.

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In case of any queries and doubts, feel free to drop a comment in the below section provided.



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