What is Hotlogo.net? Is Hotlogo Scam or Real

What is Hotlogo.net? Is Hotlogo Scam or Real?

If you are on this page you are probably searching for Hotlogo reviews. With many scam artists out there it is a wise thing to always search for reviews before you start working or register with any paying website? The alternative is you wasting your precious time and effort for the benefit of another persons interest. Wise people always learn from the mistakes of others and that is what this review is about. So is Hotlogo legit? Or is Hotlogo scam? These are the questions which we are concerned with. The short answer is that Hotlogo.net is a scam website which does not pay and will not pay any of its members. The only way you can be able to detect such websites is if you know what to look out for. Continue reading to find out the reasons why we regard Hotlogo as a scam.

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Let’s start our Hotlogo review as given below.

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Why is Hotlogo Scam?

The only way any scam scheme can work is if you have the attention of your victim. This website does not fall short on this account by any means. So how do they get the attention of their victims? They make an offer too sweet for anyone to resist. You are first required to pick a company logo in order to begin your work. Once you have selected a company logo to work with, you will then be provided with four different logos of the same company. This is where you will be asked to rate the quality of the logos. You will be required to do 8 quality comparisons before you are awarded with $0.3 or $1 depending on your work. If you compare the logos you will be able to detect that the fonts and proportions of the logos are similar, in fact, the only noticeable difference is the color. A pretty easy job, what a sweet offer, right? They also offer to pay you an extra $5 for just registering with them. Who in their right mind would pay you even before you start working?

The other sweet offers they use to get your attention is their referral program. They offer to pay you more than $1 for every successful referral you make. After the registration process is over, they issue you with a referral link which you are supposed to use to get other people on their website. On top of that, you get to be credited with 30% of whatever your referral makes. They have an open performance statistics. They display their doctored payout and performance statistics in order to persuade you that they are legit. That there is some work being done. They boast of having many users yet the website is barely a few weeks old. The way they explain their business model makes it mathematically impossible for them to be profitable because their payouts supersede their income revenue.

So how do they truly make their money? They get their income by using their website as a way to sell advertising space. Those who have been able to get past their registration process will quickly notice how this is true. Their site turns from a well-organized logon page to a webpage full of adverts. The false offers they make is a way to generate more traffic on their website. That is why they are also offering weekly bonuses for active members. This is just a ruse to keep you on their website so you can further drive up their traffic level. The higher the traffic the better their pay. In addition, they will also sell your information to third parties. In the end, they get plenty from you without giving you anything. The only way to beat them at their game is to wise up and stay away from their website.


As we mentioned before, Hotlogo is a bad site, You will not get nothing for the work you  do there. So we recommend you to stay away form Hotlogo.

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If you have been scammed by Hotlogo or want to ask any question about Hotlogo, then, Please drop your comment below. We are happy to help you.