What is Hotmyshop.com? Is Hotmyshop Scam?

What is Hotmyshop.com? Is Hotmyshop Scam?

Your search for Hotmyshop.com have brought you to the right place or you can say that on the right page. In this Hotmyshop review, we will answer some of the most asked questions by the people like, is Hotmyshop Scam? Or is Hotmyshop Legit? Or is Hotmyshop Fake? Or is Hotmyshop Real? It is like an online shopping site in which you can buy some kinds of stuff. Since it a site mainly for different kind of bikes, so you can find only limited products and that is also of bikes on this site. In the present age of internet online shopping has been included in our daily life. If you do not want to read the whole article then we can provide you the crux of this whole article. Hotmyshop is a Scam site and we do not recommend it. Reasons we are going to discuss in our article. For now, the working and function of this site are fraudulent.

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What is Hotmyshop.com Is Hotmyshop Scam or Legit Is Hotmyshop Real or Fake Hotmyshop review, Hotmyshop

What is Hotmyshop and How does it work?

Hotmyshop is an online shopping site where a different and varied range of bikes are available. If you see the price of the bikes almost 90% discount is available on every bike. This does not happen till date on any genuine online shopping site. Even though many sites provide very good discount rate but on every item, it is very difficult for any company. The working of Hotmyshop is very simple. They want to scam people or loot their money by using different ways. The company does not have provided any information about their owner. It means you do not know on whom you are trusting with your money as well as product. Actually, providing information of owner is imperative to build trust. Trust is directly proportional to the transparency. A company which has more transparency will have a great trust of people on them like Amazon, Alibaba etc.

Different methods of scamming people

  1. Using their personal information: scam sites just gathered the information of the people turn them into big data and use it for the different purpose and one of them that they sell it to some third party on a very handsome rate.
  2. Using Financial Information: since the site is not a good site it means your financial information is also not safe on this site. Some complaints we have seen regarding auto debit of money from their credit card after some month without their consent. If any person has provided their credit card information or you have a shop on this site then immediately contact your bank or concerned office to block any further transaction to this site.
  3. Bad quality of product: the product quality which has been advertised on the site and which has been delivered is way different. The product people received are counterfeit or of poor quality which does not worth the money they have paid to this site.


Hotmyshop is a Scam site and our simple advice to you is to keep the distance from this site. As it is not worthy of your time and money. They just want to loot you or scam you in different ways that we have already mentioned in our article. We have provided you the unbiased review and what we found out on Hotmyshop site. It is totally your discretion what to do next. Be wise and also aware people in your social circle or family circle regarding such scam sites that want to loot the innocent people.

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If you want have still any doubt regarding Hotmyshop site or any other site then please feel free to write us in our comment section.