What is Hour888.com? Is Hour888 Scam or Legit?

What is Hour888.com? Is Hour888 Scam or Legit?

If you are reading this article then you must curious to know about Hour888.com. There must be some general questions that trouble you about Hour888 like, is Hour888 Scam? Or is Hour888 Legit? Or is Hour888 Real? Or is Hour888 Fake? In this Hour888 review we are going to solve all questions stated. Investment Market is not new, people all over the world is working in the investment market. Being a volatile market, Investment Market is always being subject to market risks. When someone offer guaranteed profit then, have a suspicious thought about it, is general. Companies like Hour888 are very tricky and provide high profits so that investors do not ask general questions about company originality. If you do not want to read more about Hour888 then ‘we do Not Recommend Hour888 website’. Hour888 is working on Ponzi scheme. The Ponzi scheme is the one in which companies pays to its old members form the money invested by the new member. Through such system company cannot sustain for long and they get collapse. Since it is illegal in many countries, we do not recommend Hour888 and advice our readers to avoid it.

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What is Hour888.com Is Hour888 Scam or Legit Is Hour888 Real or Fake Hour888 Review Hour888

How does Hour888 works?

The company is providing registration certificate from the UK companies.  The company is registered under Company Number: HOUR888 LIMITED and company number: 10661481.. The registration certificate is original. We have Not Recommended list in our website in which other websites which were not recommended by us turned into scam. All of them were carrying the certificate of UK registration. We researched more and found out that the registration in UK Companies can be done by just paying 20GBP.

The investment plans are the base of the Investment Companies and it is also the same place where people become blind towards authenticity of the company. The Hour888 have 3 investment plans. The plans are termed as starter, CFO and CEO. The maximum can earn is 15% hourly for 20hours. There are other interest rate is also available but we do not have to talk much about them. It is because it does not matter how good is company investment plans are it is working only on Ponzi scheme. Since, the numbers are very profitable and that is what company wants you to believe. They are just numbers, paying such interest for lifetime is not possible. It cannot be offer by even by great banks of the world. Their investment plans is bogus. If we assume that the company pays as they are claiming then the company will soon going to collapse or bankrupt. Their investment plans are not sustainable. It is futile to invest your hard earned money in this company. They got no future for themselves and cannot pay for lifetime to anyone.

There much written on the company website about themselves. But nothing of that has any originality. Being an Investment Company Hour888 has responsibility to prove its credibility and authenticity. Through our research we found it void of something called authenticity. The company provides information of their CEO and other work staff, but originality of the name and pictures is under question. In this digital world anybody can use the picture form the internet without any consent of the people. The company didn’t hide its information in WHOIS records. The company has provided the same name in the WHOIS records that they mention on their website. But still we cannot neglect the main point that it is working on ponzi scheme which is illegal in many countries.


We do Not Recommend Hour888 due to various reasons stated by us in this article. This company will pays on its initial days but after sometime it going to stop the payment. We are concerned about people hard earned money. Earning money is not easy and we understand that and that is why we want to our reader not to invest in bogus companies in which do not have any credibility. They just want to loot people. Everyday companies like this open on internet because it takes nothing to make a company on internet.

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If you have any doubt regarding Hour888 ask us by dropping your comment in our comment box.