What is Hourpower.biz? Is Hourpower Scam?

What is Hourpower.biz? Is Hourpower Scam?

If you are looking to get information about the Hourpower.biz, you have arrived at the right destination. In this Hourpower review, we will solve your curiosity. There are some common questions asked by our readers about such websites like, is Hourpower Scam? Or is Hourpower Legit? Or is Hourpower Fake? Or is Hourpower Real? Such questions you also should ask yourself whenever you encounter any websites that are offering such returns that are not offered by any mainstream company. These are imperative questions that make your investment safe. The more information a company shares the more will be its credibility. If you are not interested in reading the whole article, then we can reduce your burden of reading the article. We do “Not Recommend” Hourpower website. The most important and simple reasons behind the Not Recommendation are that the company is working under the illegal scheme known as Ponzi scheme.

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What is Hourpower.biz Is Hourpower Scam or Legit Is Hourpower Real or Fake Hourpower Review, Hourpower

How does Hourpower work?

The company is working to offer the public a platform where they can invest their money and earn the profit every day. They want the people to take the back seat and see their investment growing with every passing day. They receive investment in different cryptocurrency and currency (especially dollars). The company is offering different investment plans on its website. The most exciting investment plans the last one. The last plan is offering 10% interest return in 24 hours. First, we want to clear you that any company which is claiming to provide you good money in short period of time is not legit. Second, the Hourpower website is also not legit. The reason we discuss later in this article.

The company is claiming that they will provide the investor a 10% return on their investment. Let us believe in their claim. If the company really have any “magical spell” with them then why the company needs people investment. What we are trying to say is that the company can easily get a loan from the company. They cannot take the loan on their business model (because they do not have any real business model). But the owner can take the personal loan at a much lower interest rate. They can easily pay their loan in a very less time and earn a good profit via loan.

They are taking the loan from the bank because they do not have any real business idea and second, they are not a real person. They are trying to take the advantage of people ignorance or greedy nature of human being. Let accept the fact that in front of lucrative offers we get partially blind to take the account of other imperative questions.

The 10% interest rate makes the company business model an unsustainable business model. As we have already mentioned the company is working on the Ponzi scheme. Under the scheme, a company pays the interest to its members from the money invested by the new members. The Hourpower does not have any real plan for which they are making revenue. They will be going to pay initially their members to stabilize them self first. Then they will stop because they have huge debt as they are paying the interests to its members from the investments of new members. This is not the legit way to work. This makes the company the most non-legit, non-reliable and unsustainable company.

The company owner detail is not shared with the members, on the company official website. They did not mention any name of their professionals. It means the company claims or information are fake and bogus. They are not good people. They are just trying to fool people and take money from them.


We do Not Recommend the Hourpower website. It is because of the reasons that are mentioned above. We are not trying to demonize the company. We have just raised some imperative questions that a genuine company should answer. You are investing your hard earned money. Therefore, it is your responsibility to make sure of the company legitimacy before making any investment.

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If you have any doubt or you think that we miss something in our article, then your views are welcome. We will be happy to listen to you.