Scam Alert: is a Pure Scam! 

Hello dear readers, today we are going to disclose the truth behind, the much-hyped online store is a pure scam, we have done a lot of research on this and our final findings proved this one a scam.

If you try to find any other hovlly reviews here you will still definitely agree with us. With the increased popularity of online shopping, hovlly have taken the advantage of this advancement to scam innocent shoppers who have no idea they are being scammed.

Most online shoppers lack knowledge about fake online stores, stores like hovlly take advantage of this unfamiliarity and capitalize on them. It’s actually pretty hard to know fake online stores as they have also modeled their sites to look legit.  Sit back and relax, now that we are bringing you the bare truth, you don’t have to worry about losing your money to scammers like

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Scam Alert is a Pure Scam!

What is And how it Works?

Here is our proof. Firstly hovlly parades itself as a genuine store but in reality, many shoppers complain about their purchases not being delivered at all. When you try to reach their customer care service they usually send you a long response apologizing for the delay but the sad truth is you will never see your products being delivered.

We visited and their site is pretty much decorated just to give you that enuine’ look. Their highlighted products have unrealistic price cuts, for example, we found some black low heeled boots going for $49 below it is a strike through price of $149, let’s be honest which legit business will go as far as reducing more than 85% of their prices yet it is not even a promotion.

Such tricks are used by many other fake online stores to lure their unsuspecting victims into buying non-existent products. Among other many methods, uses to scam online shoppers is pumping much money into advertisements and unrealistic gifts.

Typing “hovlly in Google search bar shows numerous ads about hovlly offering large discounts and issuing expensive gifts to their loyal customers’. Stores like hovlly will go as far as paying you to write good reviews about them, we bumped into some hovlly reviews claiming how they offer excellent services, we tracked down several reviewers, fortunately, one confessed to having received money to give them good reviews. Others were unwilling to talk to us but we asked them few questions about their experience on shopping at, their responses didn’t much their reviews.
Here is another clear sign that tells how is a scam, when you visit their site down at the bottom are quick links and about us page, far left are logos of several popular companies which hovlly claims to work with, the logos as usually should be clickable and lead to the companies page which will confirm their cooperation with hovlly, here these logos are not clickable this shows how fake they are. The truth is that these companies so claimed by hovlly to be working with, even have no idea about hovlly using their brands as corporates.

Next time you choose an online store carefully.Also read for more scam alerts.

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