How to check Google ranking of a website, The best way

If you want to know check Google ranking of a website, you can do it in following ways:

Free ways to find out your website rank in Google:-

1. Check Ranking on Google:

You can check your website ranking  by going on Google and then typing the keyword which you used in your website to get the rank in Google. When you type the keyword and search after that you have to check  pages one by one to find your website. This method is time-consuming, but it is the easiest and free way to check your website ranking.
When you check ranking on Google, make sure to hide private results especially when you are logged in.

2. Check on What Page of Search Am I On:

The second easy and free method is to check on whatpageofsearchamion.com. The only things you need to type your keyword and then your website URL. If your website will be in the first 10 pages of Google, It will show  your website current position. This site shows only the first 10 pages, But when your site will improve on ranking by adding more contents and come to Google first 10 pages that time this is the best site to check Google ranking of your website.

If you do not want to waste your time and want to check Google ranking in an easy way, then you can move on to Paid ways to check ranking.

Paid ways to find out your website rank in Google:-

1. Semrush:

In Semrush, To check your website ranking, you need to type your website address and then it will show you all the keywords rankings. If your website is brand new then you will not find in their database.Semrush has many features, But to check only the Google ranking It is very expensive, the cost of the Semrush is $69.95 per month.

2. Jaaxy:

Jaaxy is a keywords research tool but you can also check the ranking of a website. It is easy to use. When you join Jaaxy you get 30 free searches to check ranking of a website. After 30 searches, you have to pay to check ranking of a website.
Jaaxy cost is very low. You have to pay only $19 to upgrade your account and you will get unlimited searches.

Jaaxy has great features, One of them is the search history feature by which you can see what you searched before. By search history, you will also know how much you gone up and down in ranking. The other best thing about Jaaxy, It also shows you the screenshot of SERP, and in that screenshot you will find where you are listed. The place where you are listed in SERP will be highlighted in yellow, So it is very easy to find ranking in Jaaxy.

In comparison with Semrush, Jaaxy has the data of the brand new site. So if your website is new then Jaaxy is a good way to check your website ranking. If you want to join Jaaxy Click Here

These are the best way to check website ranking. Free will be time-consuming and paid will give you results in seconds., But both methods are good. Its up to you what you prefer free or paid.

If you have any question related with Google ranking and other online work. Please feel free to ask by dropping comments below. We will reply as soon as possible.


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