How to make money with PTC sites, Understand the process

How to make money with PTC sites by clicking ads, understand all the process of how the PTC sites actually work. The internet is growing day by day and PTC sites are the great way to earn money online.

What is PTC site:
How to make money with PTC sites

PTC site means Paid to click site. PTC sites act as a mediator between the advertiser and consumers. Advertiser pay PTC sites for displaying ads on their sites. When you click those ads you will get paid.

Why you will get paid for clicking ads

You are thinking why these sites are paying to you by only viewing ads. The reason is that Advertiser want traffic to their website, so they pay PTC sites for displaying their ads. When you click those ads they get traffic, Then PTC sites pay you to for viewing their ads from advertiser money.

How to earn money in PTC sites

When you visit a PTC site, you will get ads listed there. You will get 5-10 ads daily. You will get  paid $0.001 to $0.01  per ad. Usually, you need to see ads for 5 to 30 seconds.You can earn up to $0.04 per day by viewing ads. If you work on 10 PTC sites can earn $0.40 per day.

Now you are thinking this is not a good way to make money, But  to make huge money with PTC sites you need to make referrals. With the help of referrals, your earning will be great.

Earn more with Referrals

Referrals are the great way to make huge income with PTC sites. In PTC sites, there are two types of referrals system. These are direct referrals and rented referrals.

In PTC sites, you can rent referrals.  Most times, You will get $0.005  when they click on ads.If you have 300 referrals and they click 4 ads each day, your earning will be $6 per day(300*0.005*4). If you work on 10 sites, you can earn up to $60 per day. sometimes, Referrals become inactive and you income can be reduced. The more site you will use themore money you will make.

A direct referral is the one who sign up under you. If you know how to refer or how to make direct referrals then you can make huge income with referrals. It is the best and easy way to make a good income with PTC sites.

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Avoid PTC Scams

There are lots of PTC sites in which you can work. But lots of scams also going on the internet. Scam sites  do not pay when you reach their payout limit. So you need to find the legit site and work on them. But  lots of legit PTC sites also available like neobux, clixsense. Neobux and clixsense are the best PTC sites ever in the PTC world which are paying more than 5 years to their members.

Finally, We can say PTC sites are a great way for income. You need to have the patience to work on these sites. The more referrals you will make the higher earning will be yours.

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