How to earn legit money? Humanatic Review

      How to earn legit money? Humanatic Review.

Working as a call agent has become a dream for all those who are looking for an opportunity to work as a part time employee or the one who is having a hard time for leaning on a job.

In the era of globalization either work is not restricted to office. And as we talk of a call agent then the rules are lenient and there is no requirement for an employee to operate from a workplace.

One such availing opportunity that we occurred these days was a company called Humanatic. This company breaks the orthodox traditions of call centre agents working from their home. There are companies which provide an offer for people to work from home call centre agents so that they can make money online. Unlike, Humanatic is not the accustomed call centre agent job. The company doesn’t provide a job to talk to customers rather it will ask you to review the phone call between customer service agent and a customer.

If you are searching about Humanatic then you have landed on the right place. In this article we will reveal the truth whether Humanatic is legit or not.

How to earn legit money? Humanatic Review

What is Humanatic?

Humanatic is a company which provides platform to the potential candidates who can review and scrutinize the phone call between call customer service agent and customer. By analyzing the audio conversation as your agenda you can earn money. You will not be making any call nor having a conversation with any of the clients. Your only job will be to analyze the phone call and answer some followed questions there with.


Humanatic main motive is to help the other companies to recognize new opportunities and to reveal the upcoming problems. Being one of the reviewers you can earn money. For the moment from my point of view the company seems to be legit and worth using.

Who tends to use Humanatic?

Basically, Humanatic is developed for two types of people. First tend to be the businesses and companies who wish to investigate the telephonic conversation between their clients or customers and call centre agent.

So, in the case of businesses the company will assist and review the phone call between the customer and a call centre agent. This will support the organization to pinpoint business opportunities and prepare for upcoming future events and problems.

Secondly, Humanatic Company is for those who are looking forward to make money online with ease and less complication. It provides an amazing experience to all its users by providing money through judging and analyzing the phone calls between the customer service agent and customer. Therefore you are paid for every call you decide to review.

How does Humanatic works?

Joining humanatic is absolutely free. You only need a PayPal account to sign in. Without a PayPal account you cannot register. After getting yourself registered you will be asked to fill a small application form which will even ask your current employment status and other personal details.

After completing all the formalities your job will be to review and examine a telephonic conversation and on its basis you have to answer few questions. For example you should tell them whether the conversation was taken impressively or not by the agent. Many calls last for 5 minutes and you should remember that majority of the calls come between 7am to 7pm.

How much money can you make using Humanatic?

The only way to earn money through Humanatic is by reviewing phone calls and by becoming one of their members. You are being paid for every call you analyze and whatever your payment become it is credited to you through PayPal account.

The company claims that you can earn nearby $1 to $4.50 per hour. But the researches show that earning is lesser then what company claims. Many people have complained that they can earn only few cents per call. As mentioned above that majority of calls last for 5 minutes therefore it is not possible to earn $1 in an hour. For payment you must have a PayPal account. Hence, for cash out you must have $10 in your Humanatic account. The company has fixed days for payments to be credited in their members’ account that is on Mondays and Tuesdays on every week.

What issues people have with Humanatic?

There are many negative reviews hovering over the internet about Humanatic. The main problem people are dealing while using Humanatic is that it has low potential income. Therefore in the beginning you will find less opportunities coming in your way. But definitely your income and pay will increase once you get pounded in.

The other thing which came in my notice is the twice deduction in the case when reviewers submit wrong details. Therefore it is completely truthful to submit work with complete accuracy, but the punishment is a way too strict. Already the users are getting low potential income and on the same hand they are charged double for their mistakes. Even the penalties are not mentioned at the time of signing in.

Another problem about Humanatic that I came across is that suddenly lots of consumer’s accounts are deactivated without any warning. Apparently most of the accounts were deactivated at time of payout request.

What are benefits working with Humanatic?

  • First and foremost, the opportunity laid down by Humanatic is completely free to utilize. There are no costs which are too incurred for being their reviewers.
  • The company even provides flexibility for its members. You are completely independent to use your own time of working.
  • Hence, the job of a reviewer does not require special skills and talents. You do not need any specific training or workshops.


In my point of view after taking all the points into consideration, then we conclude that Humanatic is a completely legit site. It is not working over internet with a motive to scam people.

But we do not really get impressed by the offer provided by Humanatic, as it is really not worth time. The pay rate is very low and in most of the cases your account gets deactivated when they receive your cash out request. Therefore we do not recommend Humanatic to any of our readers. As if you are looking for any opportunity to earn decent amount of money then Humanatic is absolutely not your way.

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