Is a Legit Online Shopping website?

Is a Legit Online Shopping website?

Online shopping has made the globe business grow at a significant rate desirable to all sellers and merchants. With enough trust build between sellers and buyers, the business prospers, in contrary the business fails. is an online shopping website privately established with aim sells gadgets in 5 categories home, car, trendy, gifts and tech. Since its establishment, it has served many customers who placed orders for gadgets in different categories. The customers in one way or another are allowed to contact customer care services for communications regarding the business.

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Is a Legit Online Shopping website


This website is simply designed with three main pages; home, categories and contact us page.

It has a search bar, account icon and a cart button at the navigation bar for easy navigation and user-friendly.

How does Hyperstech work?

The customer is offered with a cart where they are required to request an order and send it after completing it. This means you make arrangements on shipping and give the address where you want the products delivered.

According to hyperstech terms of use, there is clear guidance regarding products buying and selling conditions. In this terms, there is an important clause that states the cancellation of orders and refund policies which are the main concern in the trust building.

Is hyperstech scam?

A shopping website is said to be a scam when all or some the following indicators lights;

  • Delayed replies from the support team and customer care desk.
  • Delayed delivery without notice from the business.
  • Fraud from customers’ credit cards accounts and overcharging the customers.
  • Lack of geographical existing offices and locations for legal existence.

According to the hyperstech review conducted by Trustpilot, there�s a clear indicator that this website is a scam. Beside few confessing the fitting quality of their products, there’re a lot of customers’ complaints about ignorance and poor services by this online store which is enough to settle at the point to say this is scam website and it should be avoided.

Many customers who ordered a Drone X PRO in the tech category complained about funds being deducted from their credit cards without their consent and fail to deliver the products.

Customer care and support services are rated poorest due lack of responses to customers complaints. Many customers said that their emails were not replied to and if there were replies, they were just for keeping them waiting.

A hyperstech scam has left the customers frustrated. Mostly in the gift category where many expecting their products delivery, they ended up canceling the orders and left struggling for refunding.


In one voice the customer claims the unreliability of this shopping website and explained their emotions from experiences. The wise advice for online shoppers is to avoid this website deals and do clear researches to be able to identify a fraudulent store website in future to avoid bad experience too.

The recommendations form customers who participated in the hyperstech review were to improve the customer support services and delivery time. In meantime, avoid shopping at this store completely or end up regretting your orders.

If you have shopping experience with Hyperstech, Then please share your experience with us by dropping comment below.

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