What is Icohour.biz? Is Icohour Scam or Legit?

What is Icohour.biz? Is Icohour Scam or Legit?

If you are seeking to know about Icohour.biz then you are reading the right article. Bitcoin is tricky and many people do not even know about its existing. It is at its nascent stage and still its exchange rate booming with every passing day. Bitcoin investment market is emerging and many people are getting advantage of this new market. But people also have ignorance about this new market. They did not know how to invest and where? Websites are taking advantage of this ignorance. Some question might emerge in your mind like, is Icohour Scam? Or is Icohour Legit? Or is Icohour Real? Or is Icohour Fake? In this Icohour review we are going to solve all questions. If you do not want to read more and need our assistance immediately then ‘we do Not Recommend Icohour website’. Such website is working in ponzi scheme. In ponzi scheme company pay to its members from the new money deposited by new members. Initially company regularly but later on they stop paying and then after sometime when they accumulate good money they run off with people money.

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What is Icohour.biz Is Icohour Scam or Legit Is Icohour Real or Fake Icohour Review Icohour

How does Icohour works?

The company has provided their registration certificate in their website. They are registered in the UK Companies Registration under the Company name: ICO HOUR LTD and company number: 11071543. The registration certificate is real. There are many website not recommended in our Not Recommended list are also carrying the registration from the same company. We probe into it and got to know that registering a company in UK companies is done by just paying 20GBP. It means this certificate is not having solid proof of being a genuine company.

Information of the owner is not shared in the website. There are no information or any name of professional team management. They also not reveal its information in WHOIS record. They are hiding intentionally and do not want to let anybody know about them. They are working in ponzi scheme phenomenon and company knows that one day they have to run away. Since, it is illegal they are hiding themselves. They are not leaving any trails which leads towards them. Since, information brings transparency and it leads to trust, trust increases the credibility of the company. This company does not believe in any ethics. It does not provide any proof of being a genuine and authentic company. Authenticity and trustworthy are the two pillars of credibility of any company. They are not available to this company.

The investment plan of this company is very different and amazing. They are very high returns and they are also very profitable. They are three plans investment offer by this company. First plan, 60 hours plan: 1.75% hourly interest for 60hours with minimum deposit of $5 and maximum deposit of $10000. Second plan, 50 hour plan: 2.4% hourly for 50hours with minimum deposit of $110 and maximum deposit of $50000. Third and the last plan, 24 hour plan: 10% hourly for 24hours with minimum deposit of $500 and maximum deposit of $50000. They are different than other websites. Therefore, they are more unstable than other sites. These are just numbers and if they are going to pay as they are claiming then this company is going to collapse. This company is highly un-sustainable and has no future for it and for others.

Their affiliate programs are the last nail in the coffin of unstable company. They are 2 level referral programs of 6%-2% commission for its members. There are many website offer referral programs genuinely but they offer very low commission. The commission offered by Icohour Company is high and make its path to pay people hard and impossible.


We do Not Recommend this website due to reasons stated above and they are not good for anyone. They are not going to help to invest people for their future. There is no solid proof in this investment company which gave it a certificate of authenticity and credibility. Do not fall into the trap of profitable interests and high returns. They are making this trap because they know that people will trust them only for getting high returns.

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If you have any doubts about Icohour then feel free to share with us. We will be happy to help you.