Whether Ikiha.com is scam? Ikiha.com Review

Whether Ikiha.com is scam? Ikiha.com Review

Shopping online has become one of the trending activities which lures people to a great extend. Every person on this planet craves for doing shopping. Recently people faced many scams while shopping online. Internet world scammer motives to trick people for their own benefit.

Hence we congratulate all of you for initiative which you have taken towards the benefit of society. Your research about Ikiha.com ends right here. In this very article we will disclose all the major corners providing the proof of fraud of the company Ikiha.com.

The website Ikiha.com is completely fraud and the reasons for concluding it a scam site are mentioned below.

Whether Ikiha.com is scam? Ikiha.com Review

What is Ikiha.com?

Ikiha.com is an online store which provides variety of accessories, tools, decoration items and much more on affordable prices. The company aims to showcase those products which excite people on the cloud nine. Hence the company wishes to comfort the shopping scenario. The company claims that the showcased products are sourced direct from the Nepal, Taiwan, US, Netherlands, Italy, Russia, China, Tibet.

Company promises to deliver exquisite products and mostly products represented on Ikiha.com are hand mounded.

The Ikiha.com states that they have already served more than 50000 people and these happy customers have boarded approximate 2000 five stars for the product they have purchased. But what factors revive Ikhia.com as scam?

Reasons for Non Recommendation:

Not a single person had known the pinch about the owner of the Ikiha Company. It is completely difficult to reveal the operating team behind it because Ikiha.com had not provided any personal or financial details on their official website.

If we checkout any legit websites working on the internet for past many years such Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, etc have provided detailed information about their companies both on their official website and WHOIS. All of these companies known that they have a motive to operate in long run.

In the case of Ikiha.com the company has not mentioned any detail on the official website or on the WHOIS. This scenario lowers the trust of people and caters suspicion in their minds.

Hence it is advisable to ignore catering your financial or personal details to scam companies such as Ikiha.com. Such websites are prone to cyber attacks and theft all your information for utilizing for their one benefit.

In case you will make call to the customer service for inquiring about your product then they will pen down all your details including email address, contact info, bank account, and card information. The company will use this financial detail to withdraw money from your account without notifying you.

Hence we advise all our readers to put each step carefully and contact your bank immediately and revise your passwords and card.

Another factor of declaring Ikiha.com fraud is due to their broad discounts. The company has proposed rebates on more than half of their products and the discounts vary from 80% – 90%. This is an ordinary chase to deceive innocent people. Every person on this planet is aware of the fact that people love purchasing especially on discounted products. Therefore the same trap is laid by the Ikiha.com which has offered huge discount on their products and lures majority of the people. Due to this affection of discount they do not investigate about the company and their site.

Though we suggest that you should always inquire about the company the moment you come in contact with them.

Hence you should always observe and investigate about such sites which creates suspect in your minds.

If we observe the “Return and Refund Policy” section then the company has stated that there will be no refund for the products which are discounted. Therefore on the sales page there are all the products on huge rebates. Even if you purchase products without discount then also the company claims that the product should be in original packaging which is quite impossible. The fact is that if a customer will receive a product and until and unless he does not try he will not be sure of it. Therefore according to the Terms of the company you should sincerely follow all the conditions stated by the company otherwise their account will be banned and strict actions will be charged.

Such scam sites like Ikiha.com does not possess much resources and as result they end up with incompatible site. The design of the website is not good.  Even the Logos mentioned on the official site are not clickable. Companies like Ikiha are not sure about their run in the marketing business, therefore they do not invest much on their websites.


There are bundle of complaints all over the internet against Ikiha.com.

Some people have complained that their card was credited for the products but they have not delivered with any. Even the deducted money was not refunded to either of them.

Majority of people are very annoyed by the receiving the fake tracking number and neither of them has received reply even after their constant emails.

If you have already become one of the victims of Ikiha.com then we suggest you to immediately contact your bank to force stop your payment and reissue you another card.  Therefore you should revise all your passwords in order for additional safety. Make sure you never contact the company again.


In our final words we state that it is beneficial to stay away from scam sites like Ikiha.com because it is purely scam. The company is not sustainable as every prospect points out fraudulent of it.  Therefore it is preferable not to share any of your personal or financial details with Ikiha.com.

Hence we do not recommend Ikiha.com to any of our readers.

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