SCAM ALERT: Is (KitchenAid) Is Another E-commerce scam?

Welcome to your Review. Here, we are going to discuss this site and how it works?

The main objective of this article is to answer some important questions like, is Imixers Scam? Or is Imixers Legit?

If you have seen the site then you know it is an e-commerce site. As per their claim, their main aim is to sell the product online. The question is are they really selling the product or making people fool?

Before answering these question we want to say that you are really a wise person who took time to do their own research. We know everyone is too busy and if you doing it then it will help you.

This practice helps you to know about the working of the company and save you from the scam sites. It also leads you to some other legit sites. Some of them can be seen here:

Brief: in short and direct verdict Imixers is a Scam site. They are not in the market to do business. Instead of that, they are fooling people. It is a fraudulent company which shows they are dealing with kitchen products but in reality, they are just fooling others. The reasons are discussed below.

Let us begin our Review…

SCAM ALERT Is (KitchenAid) Is an Another E-commerce scam

What is Imixers and why it is a scam?

It is a scam site. This is the perfect direct answer you can have. But on the site, they have shown themselves as an e-commerce site i.e. online shopping site like Amazon. The only difference between Imixers and Amazon is that Imixers is a scam.

Here we want to ask one question. Do you know the owner of Amazon site? Obviously, the whole world knows. Do you know the owner of Imixers? The answer is no.

It is because Imixers itself does not know who owns it. Actually, they have not provided their owner information on their official website. If you go and try to find out its owner in WHOIS records, you will find nothing.

We are not surprised by this because every scam site has this feature of hiding their identity.

These people use people credit card or financial information to charge them unnecessary. They charge people after 3-4 months without their knowledge and that is also directly from their account.

It is a crime. It is like a theft. You have no control of it because you have provided your key to them while placing the order on their site.

It is also one of the most common features of the scammers to use people information. They also use their personal information to sell it to the third party which can use it with their discretion.

Never provide you information to any other site. If you have then contact your bank or company to stop such transaction if ever occur.

Imixers are not working to do business. They want to fool people and one of their ways to make people is by delaying the product till infinity. Sometimes they deliver the product but the product they deliver is of poor quality which does not worth the price you have paid.

One thing you will observe on the Imixers site is the heavy discount rate on every product. It is not possible for any genuine company to give a heavy discount on every product. It is not their strategy, it is their way to get people attention. So they can fool them.


Imixers is a Scam site and we do not recommend it for any kind of business. If you want to do any kind of business on this site, go ahead. We have just provided you our opinion and we are not here to judge yours.

But we will say that keep a distance from this site. It is really a fraudulent site.

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If you have any problem regarding the Imixers please write to use in our comment section. We will be happy to help you.


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