review: What is Inboxpounds? Is Inboxpounds Scam? review: What is Inboxpounds? Is Inboxpounds Scam?

In this modern world, many ways are invented to make people earn at their comfortable environment. For this very purpose there is a site named Inboxpounds, which otherwise can be said as a reward site or Get to paid site.  I will share couple of topics regarding Inboxpounds with you in this review.

What is Inboxpounds? review What is Inboxpounds Is Inboxpounds Scam

In Inboxpounds you get to paid for the things opening emails, taking surveys, and much more than this. This site was created in 2012 and it is a UK version of a site named InboxDollars an American company developed by Daren Cotter in 2000. This site has partnered with many companies or the advertisers who want to fill the gap with the customers.  Hence, Inboxpounds receives the commission for their service.

How does Inboxpounds work?

  • Firstly, you need to visit the site and sign up using your email address. After verifying your email and creating a password you need to complete your demographic profile and add your phone number to login.
  • Once you have verified your email address, company will transfer £ 1 as signing bonus.
  • Then you need to start taking offers or the surveys they provide.
  • Then you may cash out your earnings once you reach £20.

How to make money using Inboxpounds?

  • Offers = There is a wide range of offers available at Inboxpounds. Offers are the best way of earning rewards at such sites. Therefore, there are some offers that require you to enter your credit card number like paid offers where you have to for example pay £ 5, while others are free. Trial offers may at times ask for your credit card number otherwise free offers are completely free but they are sheer waste of time. While subscribing offers for a month or proving your credit card details you should always remember to unlink your card after the offers expires otherwise they will keep charging you every single month without bringing in your notice.
  • Surveys = Inboxpounds has an immeasurable list of surveys available on the site. The surveys have details of questions like: what the survey is about, estimated time to complete the survey, how much you will be paid. Firstly you need to qualify for the survey so that you can start the survey to get paid. There is a catch with surveys, that you will keep on answering questions and the moment you reach at the end you will be notifies that “You are not qualifies”.
  • Play games = Inboxpounds has linked up with GSN cash games to provide you an opportunity to earn more using web based games.
  • Tasks = Tasks are in a real sense simple and easy to perform and less time consuming but the income potential is comparatively low. They will nearly fetch you .3 – .10 pennies.
  • Earn by searching the web = Inboxpounds also provides a search engine where you can earn 1 cent for every four searches you do through their search engine. You can even set it as your search engine as it works in the similar way as Google do. The maximum search you can do using Inboxpounds search engine is 30 searches and you can .15 pence a day. You will even be liable of getting .05 pence every week if you search for minimum four days.
  • Paid emails = Active members usually gets 1-5 emails a day. You will earn .01 pence for every email you receive and confirm. All you need to do is look for the emails you had received from Inboxpounds and click the “confirm this paid email”.
  • Earn cash back for doing shopping online = With the help of Inboxpounds you can even earn discounts and cash backs for the online shopping you make.
  • Refer friends = Fortunately, Inboxpounds also provides referral opportunity which can help you earn more and reach the maximum payout limit. You can refer friends via email, social media, or you can just copy the link and paste it around the web. You will earn 10% earnings of your referred friend.
  • Spin and Wheel = Therefore this new feature on Inboxpounds ,Spin and Wheel is released in 2019 after so many critics by the members who were angry by the increasing rate of disqualification from the surveys. With this new feature, the members who get disqualified from the survey get a chance to try their luck on the Spin and Wheel. By using Spin and Wheel you get a chance to earn a prize from Inboxpounds. Every disqualification fetch you a chance to receive a spin in your account.

How Inboxpounds does pay you?

Therefore the minimum cash out limit is 20 pounds. After reaching the limit you can request for withdrawal, though it will take a bit more time to reach the minimum threshold. You can redeem using ITunes, Amazon, Gift cards; Prepaid MasterCard, and Cheque. Redemption via mailed cheque takes 10 days to process after your request. Cheque will take up to 2-4 weeks to arrive.

If once before also you had reached the cash out limit , then you automatically becomes the Gold member and  next time your payments will be processed quickly.

 Inboxpounds complaints:

  • Payments through mailed cheque take a lot of time. It nearly takes 2-4 weeks to reach the cheque at your place plus it even takes 10 days to process your pay out request.
  • This site won’t help you to pay your rent or your mortgage prices, but surely it will provide you some extra income. If you prefer to make a decent income than this site is surely not for you.
  • The opportunity to withdraw using PayPal is not provided by Inboxpounds.
  • For an average user, it’s next to impossible to reach the minimum cash out limit.

Is Inboxpounds a scam?

After considering all the faults company has, it possibly cannot be held scam.  Inboxpounds is completely a legit site which in real pays you. But surely, it won’t help you to earn a decent amount of money. If you wish to make real money then you can probably visit sites like SurveyJunkie, InboxDollars, etc.