Want to earn money online? InfluEarn.com Review

Want to earn money online? InfluEarn.com Review

As we people are accustomed to use mobile phones most of the time. It’s worth the time if we fetch some money using it. There are wide ranges of people who are rushing towards online earning.

We have recently come across a website which will help you to fulfill your desires of adding extra money in your pocket. The website is name as InfluEarn. It is a get to paid survey site that will help you to fetch money by accomplishing certain offered tasks, downloading and installing application or you can even earn by providing your opinion. But whatsoever doubt takes its own place. The question raises whether InfluEarn is a legit site to go for or just another scam to hype people.

What is InfluEarn?

Basically, InfluEarn is a get to paid (GPT) survey site which pays its members for completing offered surveys, giving opinions and downloading applications.

Working with InfluEarn is pretty fun. The company pays $25 as a sign up bonus to its members. The company has situated its headquarters in New York. The website InfluEarn.com is a subordinate working of a company named InfluEarn, LLC which is prominently a well known internet and social company. InfluEarn, LLC controls numerous customer engagement brands.

The company had outturned that nearby 102 million are already been paid. But it comes out that still there are no details provided on the internet about the owner of InfluEarn.com. Even the provided address is invalid.

We do agree that the company has greater paying scale than any other survey site but it cannot also be neglected that the information about the company is either mentioned or if mentioned it is fake.

How does InfluEarn.com works?

Firstly you have to create an account which can be done after visiting the company site. The sign up form will require certain details that you should fill like name, email address, and lastly you need to create a username and a password.

It is observed that the company does not do verification of your filled details. As soon as you fill the form you will be asked to log in your account with filled username and password. Then you will take directly to the dashboard. After visiting the dashboard you can actually see that the company has credited you $25 as bonus points.

The first five tasks you complete on the same day of your joining you will be offered $200 when you cash out by the company.

The dashboard has various options through which you can earn money. Some of the ways to earn money via InfluEarn.com is referring a friend, completing a survey, posting a YouTube video, receiving clicks on your posted link, and downloading applications.

Referral program:

The webpage of the site claims that you can earn up to $20 every time when the person you referred signs up using your code.

On the other hand, Dashboard claims that you will earn $2 for every click on your referral link. And thereafter signing up using your code, you will fetch $10.

While on the other part of the homepage the company states that you will earn $15 every time a person clicks on your referral link.

As we can see that the statements claimed by the site is very abrupt and unsure about the payment issue. Therefore it cannot be fully said that the site is legit or fake.

Whatever money you earn you can by completing the task, the company claims that you can withdraw your account via PayPal, checks, BitCoin.

Benefits of working with InfluEarn.com:

  • Joining is free: Signing up with InfluEarn.com is pretty simple and effortless. You do not have to pay for enrolling yourself and neither there are any upsell which are to be met.

Drawbacks of working with InfluEarn.com:

  • Sharpening strategy: With all the ends together it can observed that the company is just trying to string people in their tricks and tactics. For the time being the main motive of InfluEarn.com is to hire as many people as possible. Because through they will be able to generate high revenue. Therefore as much people sign up the company will get more data to sell in order to earn huge.
  • Payment issues: There are abundant of complaints from the users of not being paid. The moment you try to withdraw your money the company will either ban your account or you will never receive your requested payment.
  • Testimonials are sham: The testimonials provided by the company are truly fake and counterfeit. The people in the videos are artist who are been paid to stand as a member. All the claims and the promises they say are 100% fake. The faces in the video can be seen in many other testimonials on the internet.
  • Hidden details: As for we can judge that legit companies are never afraid to showcase their information. But in the case of InfluEarn.com the company has not properly transparent the details about the owner, address of the company’s location, payment rate, etc.
  • Misuse of filled details: The information you provide the company with complete trust, company just use your details and sell. Even many people have complained that their accounts were hacked and their personal information was misused.


After going through all the details about InfluEarn.com it’s pretty obvious that the claims company places are fraudulent. There are lots of complaints about the payment stuff. Many people are not paid even after completing the tasks. While some of the users account were blocked when they requested for the payment.

There is not even a single that has been paid using InfluEarn.com. Even there are tons of complaints regarding payment issue from many of past customers of InfluEarn.com.

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If you have any doubts and queries then please contact us by dropping a comment in section below.