What is Infoyour? Is Infoyour.com scam or legit?

What is Infoyour? Is Infoyour.com scam or legit?

If you are searching for infoyour.com then you particularly targeted on the right website. In this review we will discuss that infoyour.com is legit or a scam? Hence your research ends right here.
Infoyour.com is a website which promises to offer reliable, well grounded, dependable and authentic glassware, mugs and other ceramic items. We certainly do not recommend this website due to the following reasons listed below.

What is Infoyour Is Infoyour.com scam or legit

Reasons for Not Recommendation:

Firstly, the email address provided by the company ensuring the speedy response is absolutely fake. The company does not have a paid domain name. In addition to this the details of the owner of the company and other regarding information is even not mentioned. Therefore this shows that there can be no redressal of grievances of the customers.
There is no data about the company in the WHOIS records which hinders the trust of the customers. Such scam sites hides their details in order to escape. There is no example of legit sites which do not provide any information about the owner and it’s company. Even the address provided by the company can not be located on the Google map with infoyour.com as a company. Those companies which provides wrong email address and location address with no contact details are tend to be fake run by scammers.
Although the company is assuring to sell ceramic mugs, teapots and glass products but there are numerous advertisements all over the social media contradicting the sale products mentioned in the original website. For example they are advertising to sell Smart TV which can be purchased if you visit the sales page through the advertisement. If you browse infoyour.com then the page will show only the glassware products and none of the products which they are advertising.
As we agree that a company do have complaints but a number of regular complaints results in declaration of a scam company. Same is the case with infoyour.com which have a number of objection all over the internet. There are many complaints by the customers regarding no response to their emails which concludes that the customer service team is really bad. Many of the people have complained that they were not delivered with the products they ordered and their money was deducted from the card. Or if they were delivered with the goods then the money deducted was higher than the price mentioned in the sales page. The ratings of the company is also very low.
Therefore it is advisable that if you have filled your personal details then please detach your all information from such a scam site. And apparently if you have provided any card details then it is preferable to contact your bank and ask them to force stop your card and renew you another. In case of some emergency there is a requirement of the contact information of the company because if something went wrong then there is a need to contact the company which is real and provide data.
Sites like infoyour.com uses the personal data of the customers for their own benefit and uses it in an unscrupulous manner. Such sites are prone to cyberattacks and motives to use the financial details of the customers.
In order to lure the customers the company provide very low priced products which is a very common tactic to trap the innocent people. If we land on the “Refund Policy” of infoyour.com website then it is clearly mentioned that they are not liable to pay the full amount in case of manufacture defect or if the products are not delivered. Therefore there is not a single legit online website which carries such fraudulent claims.

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Therefore after reviewing all the points in pure detail it is concluded that infoyour.com is a scam and fraud website which either do not deliver the goods or if delivered they are inappropriate. We recommend you to shop from well known websites like Amazon, Myntra, etc.
If you have and doubts still intruding in your kind then please feel free to feedback us in the below section.


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