What is Ininv.biz? Is Ininv Scam or legit?

What is Ininv.biz? Is Ininv Scam or legit?

Are you searching the web to know about Ininv.biz website, congrats! You have arrived at the right page. In this Inniv review, we will answer some of the most commonly asked questions like, is Inniv Scam? Or is Inniv Legit? Or is Inniv Real? Or is Inniv Fake? There are many ways to have a financial freedom. Through investments, we are trying to beat the inflation. The money is invested to make more money. This is the simple and basic concept of the investment. Similarly, there are websites providing a platform to invest your static bitcoin with them and earn interest. The Inniv website is one of them. If you are not interested to know about the full detail of Inniv website, then we can haircut our article for you. We do “Not Recommend” Inniv website. This website is working on the Ponzi scheme, under which a company pays to its members from the money invested by the new members.

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What is Ininv.biz Is Ininv Scam or Legit Is Ininv Real or Fake Ininv Review, Ininv

How does Inniv work?

If you are wondering about the Inniv website and its working, then you are doing the right activity. Every website that offers in a contrary to the mainstream investment company, we should always try to find more about them. The Inniv website is also one of them. Actually, the Inniv work is very simple for their investors. They will take your bitcoin and will invest in different activities. You have to do nothing. You have to just see your money increasing every day. This is not possible in real world, where people have to see their investment grow every day with high returns.

The Inniv website interest plans are very lucrative and profitable. The company is luring the investors to get their bitcoins. The Inniv utmost investment plan is offering 150% interest after 10 days. In reality, it is not possible, in dreams it is possible. What we are trying to explain is that company interest rates are very far away from the reality. This makes the company unsustainable and inefficient to work as an investment company. The company has failed to explain how they will be going to provide such a huge interest in people investment.

They have only one way to pay its members i.e. from the investment made by the new members. Actually, in the absence of any ways to earn money other than the ‘receiving Investments’ the company will pay their claims from the member’s investments. This makes the company working under a Ponzi scheme. This scheme is illegal in many countries.

The company has 3 level of the referral program. The referral programs are used to increase the website traffic and members. The Inniv website is also trying to cash this strategy. The commissions offered by the Inniv website are 7%, 4% and 1% on every level respectively. The commission rates are very high. The company does not sell any real product or services it means the commission it pays to its members will be from the member’s investment. Therefore, it makes the company is working under another illegal scheme known as Hybrid Pyramid Scheme. This damages the company credibility and makes the company non-reliable.

To prove their legitimacy, the Inniv has provided their registration certificate on the website. The registration certificate is from UK Companies House, which declares that the Inniv is registered under the company name: IN NIV LTD and the company number: 11026285. This certificate is not solid enough to prove company legitimacy. It is because many companies having the same registration certificate already not recommended by us. Many websites listed in our Not Recommended section turned into a scam website after a short period.


We do Not Recommend Inniv website. This website is working on Ponzi as well as Hybrid Pyramid scheme. Both the schemes are illegal. It makes the company non-credible, non-legit and non-reliable. Their claims are bogus which cannot be achievable in the real world. One thing we all should understand that there are no shortcuts available to achieve anything. The worthy things will take their amount of hard as well as smart work.

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If you have any doubt regarding this website, please share it with us in our comment section. We will be happy to help you.