What is Innersurveys.com? Is Innersurveys Scam?

If you are here you have probably been to Innersurveys.com and seen its offers. You are therefore asking is Insurveys real or is Insurveys fake. Insurveys is a site that says it provides a chance for you to earn money through taking some of the surveys it has online. Earning money online by doing simple tasks for a fee has become a legitimate way for people to earn money. This review seeks to provide answers to the question is Insurveys legit or is Insurveys scam?

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One of the popular tasks is through taking surveys which you get paid per survey. Usually, this was done offline but with the opportunities provided by the internet, survey companies have moved online. In doing so, they have created an opportunity for several scam sites to get in and try to take advantage. The lure of making money from home is great and while there are several good survey sites, fake and scam sites use prospective members efforts to earn money without due compensation. This is achieved through using either the members’ registration fees, Google ads, not paying the due amounts and selling personal information.

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A first look at Innersurveys.com shows a legitimate site in every aspect you may consider. A quick search around the internet for its information and details reveals a number of facts. First, the site was established on 11 August 2017. The physical address given on a WHOIS search reveals the site is based in USA. However, the name of the owner is hidden and there is no contact information provided on the site just a field to enter your email address and your concern. The site has a favorable rating on Alexa which measures the popularity of websites online. It has consistently made it among the top 300,000 sites from millions of sites on the internet. The site is also secure to use with a HTTPS protocol providing security to your personal information.

How does Innersurveys.com make money?

The site is only 163 days old meaning and it means it is yet to establish a reputation online. The site says it pays $7-$8 per survey and says you can earn more than $50 or $1000 online. The minimum balance required for payout is $150 and instant payment can take about 5 days. The site makes money from the payment by those sponsoring the surveys. It also gets money from Google advertisements and still from the earnings of those who take the surveys. There are several red flags about this site which marks it out as fake and not a genuine site.

Why is Innersurveys.com a scam?

There are a number of red flags about this site which indicates it is not genuine and you should avoid it. Firstly, the hiding of the site’s owner information and the lack of legitimate contact address on the site are marks of a suspicious site where the owners are avoiding being traced. The other suspicious aspect is the seemingly low traffic despite having high Alexa ranking worldwide. However, the main issue comes from the Terms and Conditions.

A closer look at the terms and conditions, reveals the site was meant to be a PTC site that must have been flagged down and it was converted to a survey site. More than that, the terms are only set to favor the company, with stiff penalties for anyone who fails to meet any one aspect. For example, while the minimum threshold is $150, anyone who takes two months to attain it loses his or her account. Secondly, you can also lose your account if you have been away for more than one month. The company also says it reserves the right to increase or decrease your earnings. The company is also the one which also validates the amount in your account. It can also delete or inactivate your account without prior notice. Finally, your payment is only 75% of your total earnings form all the survey work.


These factors point to a site that is set up to fold the moment it is flagged down. It is evident that the site is only out there to use your efforts, sell your personal information and not provide any legitimate payment as it claims. It is important to note that.

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If you have been scammed by the Innersurveys or Want to give some thought about Innersurveys then you can leave your comment below.

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