What is Innocurrent? Is Innocurrent a Scam or Legit?

Update:  Jan 2017:- There are many complaints from the Innocurrent members  for not getting payment and  suspending account without any valid reason. We also found some Payment proof, So it can be site is paying selectively. Whatever the reason will be, Now we do not recommend Innocurrent anymore. If you want to know our recommended site, then Wealthy Affiliate is our No.1 recommended site, For more details about Wealthy Affiliate, read our full review by clicking this link onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

If you are looking for information about What is Innocurrent? Whether Innocurrent is scam or not then you are on the right page, In our review we will discuss about background, earning strategies, upsides and downsides of Innocurrent.

What is Innocurrent, Innocurrent review, Innocurrent scam or legitName: InnoCurrent
Rating: 60 out of 100
Owner: Unknown(Same owner of Ayuwage)
Price to join: Free
Link to join: www.innocurrent.com

InnoCurrent: Overview

InnoCurrent has been online since February 2011. It is the sister site of Ayuwage which is a legit site and paying members since 2010. Inocurrent is a paid to click site in which you can earn money by surfing sites, doing surveys and completing offers.

How to earn money in InnoCurrent

For every task you completed in InnoCurrent, you will earn credits. Each credit is equal to $0.0005. InnoCurrent provides different ways to earn credits.

1. Earn credits by viewing site:

You can earn credits by viewing sites. You can earn up to 1 to 6 credits per site you view. You will also find the section of standard sites in which you can get up to 5 to 30 credits per site you view for 10 seconds.You will also find the ads in these sites. To get credited, you need to click at least one advertisement on those sites.

There are other tasks like Email, Explore, google seaches and special in which you can earn credits  from 15 to 400. For some tasks you need to submit the proof of your work and you will get credited within 24 hours.

2. Earn credits by completing Surveys:

You can earn 250-2000 credits per survey you complete. When you complete a survey, that survey will move to reserve survey site where you can check your credit status. You will recieve credits when it is approved by the third party publisher.

3. Earn credits by listening Radio:

Listen to the radio for every 10 to 30 minutes and you can earn 3-10 credits. They provide you captcha for every 10 to 30 minutes to verify that you are still listening.

How to earn more money in InnoCurrent

You can earn more money by refer to others to the site. There is no limit on direct referrals.
You will earn 120% of your referral’s earning. If you have good number of active referrals then your earning will be good.

You can request for cashout when you reached minimum threshold $5(10000 credits) for Paypal and $5(11500 credits, 15 % fees included) for Payza. First time it will take 5- 7 days to complete the request. After your account is verified, it will take 1-2 days to process the payment.

Upsides of InnoCurrent

  • InnoCurrent is a legit site and paying for more than 5 years without any major issue.
  • There is unlimited referral program, So you can refer as many as you want which will help to increase your earning.
  • The minimum cashout is only $5 which is fixed and will not increase after each cashout.

Downsides of InnoCurrent

  • You can earn credits by viewing standard sites. When you view a site, you also need to click on the adverisement that interest you. They will credited you when you will click on others websites, which is a forced activity and it can be considered as click fraud.
  • If you are outside from USA, then you will receive less ads and your earning will be low. It is the best site for USA members, they will get lot of ads and earning also will be good.
  • You can also rent referrals in InnoCurrent, But rented referrals become inactive quickly and you can lose your money. We recommend you not to invest money on renting referrals and try to get direct referrals.
  • If your account has been inactive for 90 days, then your all account activity and history will be removed. Your referrals and credit earning will also be permanently removed from the account.

Final Verdict

InnoCurrent is a legit site and have unlimited direct referrals program. If you are outside from USA you will get less ads, Your earning will be low. But there is no limit on direct referrals, You can refer as many as you want to increase your earning.

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