Inprexia Review – Is Inprexia Scam or Legit?

Inprexia Review – Is It Scam or Legit?

What do you think about Inprexia? Is it Scam? Are you searching for Inprexia Reviews in order to find out whether Inprexia is Scam or Legit? Then, You are on right page. In this  review, we will tell you about  who owns Inprexia , pros and cons of Inprexia and how you can earn money in Inprexia.

if you do not want to  read full review and want answer in short then  we do not recommend this site to you because there is a lot of risk to invest money in Inprexia. We only recommend the company where you can work with out any risk and you can earn full -time time online. We only recommend Wealthy affiliate, You can find more details about Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link

What are the risk involved with this company? You can read that in our detailed review as given below.

Background of Inprexia

Inprexia was registered on October 11, 2016. It is impossible to find who owns or runs Inprexia because they registered their website privately. And more than that, there is no information provided in their actual website as who owns Inprexia .The official Inprexia Facebook was created on January 14, 2017 and lists Axiantor Inprexia as the admin of this group and its location is listed as Lisbon, Portugal. If there is no information about owner in website and website domain also registered privately, Something not seems good.

How to earn money in Inprexia

Inprexia does not have any retail products or services, the affiliate who join Inprexia can recruit new members and when they purchase Inprexia membership, affiliate ,who recruit them will earn money. In order to take part in compensation plan they affiliate need to purchase cycler positions. Each position will give you different type of ad credits, which you can you use to advertise your referral link, website or blog in their website.

Affiliate must purchase 0.001BTC cycler positions in order to take part in their compensation plan and they will receive 0.o01BTC ROI as they promise. You will get your investment via 2×1 matrix. For each return of investment to be paid out, there is requirement to filled two positions.

You can also earn commission from your referral. There is 2-level referral program. In level 1,  you will get 35% commission when members purchase Inprexia membership and 7% when they purchase advertising products. Members who directly refer into their site comes into level 1. In Level-2,  You will earn 5% commission when members purchase Inprexia membership and 1% when they purchase advertising products. You can join free in Inprexia, But you need to purchase cycler positions in order to take part in their  attached income opportunity.

There are three type of cycler positions, First one is Earner which is of 0.00t5 BTC and have 5 cycler positions. Second one is Super  which is of 0.01 BTC and have 10 cycler positions and third one is Pro  which is of 0.00t5 BTC and have 15 cycler positions.


As we mention before, There is always a risk to work on the site in which we do not know that who actually running the website. To run a business successful online, Owner must come in front of members that is not the case with  Inprexia.

Their business modal is also not good, they does not have any retail product services So we can think that are running a ponzi scheme. And we do not recommend these type of companies in which there is always a risk to lose your money.

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