InteleTravel Review – Scam Or Business Opportunity

Hi folks, so you have arrived. Good, we know you are also curious about InteleTravel site. It is good to be curious about the thing. We all want to earn income and if we can do from our house then it is the best thing one can do. Isn’t it? Yes, obviously we all want to be our own boss. Many readers must have some questions in their mind about this site like, is InteleTravel Scam? Or is InteleTravel Legit? These are the essential question to have an understanding of the company working. We came to know about InteleTravel like you on the internet and then we did some of our research and here we are presenting our research result.

If you do not want to read the whole article and want to know the crux only without reasons then we can provide that. InteleTravel is not a scam site. It is pretty much good and legit site. It is also giving an opportunity to earn money online. Now, in our opinion, we do Not Recommend this site. The reasons we are going to share in our article in detail.

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What is Is Inteletravel Scam or Legit Is Inteletravel Real or Fake Inteletravel Review, Inteletravel

What is InteleTravel?

It is a tour and travel company. But for us, it is a site which provides an opportunity to earn online income. It is an online networking site which is a direct sale site. Generally, such companies work on MLM strategy. MLM is a Multi-Level Marketing strategy in which people earn money in two ways, first by selling the product and second by making the new recruits. In both ways, the company sells their product. To know more about what is MLM please click the link given:

James Ferrara is the co-founder and President of InteleTravel. If you wish to get history and other irrelevant stuff then the official site of InteleTravel have an introductory video which you can see. It is all about company background and other things like it was founded in 1992. Their aim is to provide a home based business opportunity for people who want to be Travel Agent. Earlier, people have to open the office and recruit people but with the help of internet that can do the same thing from their home. The only thing required is a computer and the internet.

InteleTravel member gives their agent access to:

  • Exclusive Travel Offers
  • A personalized Travel Booking website
  • Insider Travel Knowledge
  • Full customer support from the Company; and of course
  • Competitive Travel Rates to help its agents win customers

Two ways of compensation

  1. Commissions paid through direct sales
  2. Commissions paid for recruiting new agents

The InteleTravel Opportunity

First thing first, our opinion is very simple. Earning money on this site is not as simple as it looks. It is because they have got a good competition and second if a person believes that they like to travel then that is not enough to earn money. When you get a task to do that is also a part-time job then all those stories of traveling and other stuff will not come into your mind. The only thing you will have in your mind will be money.

Now the question is who can use this opportunity?

People who are already in the market and have years of experience in the online networking or other things they can really have a cake walk. They know how to engage people and provide the right thing to the right people. If you are a travel agent then working here must be easy and beneficial for you.

One thing is correctly said by the InteleTravel i.e. their business opportunity is for all. But not all can earn money.

Cost of joining theInteleTravel?

  1. InteleTravel Enrollment Fee – $179.99 one-time
  2. Monthly Administrative Fee – $39.95 per month
  3. PlanNet Marketing Administrative Fee (Optional – More information below) – $19.95 per month
  4. Total – $179.99 + $59.90 per month

When you become the agent you will get a unique Travel Agent website. It has all the basic functionalities and when somebody books any ticket via your website then you get paid automatically. Your commission will be 70% of the commission that InteleTravel makes from the vendor.

But still, we are not recommending this site. It is because many people start working directly without knowing the basic of their work. Actually, 95% of agents failed to earn a decent money. This number is high because of a few reasons. First, people generally start selling their product to their relatives or people they know. This list gets saturated after a while and they do not have any new customer.

Second, people generally do not know how to market it. Actually, they are willing to earn a good money without thinking much about it.


InteleTravel is not a scam site. Still, we do Not Recommend it. It is not recommended for the people who are new in the market. For those who have an experience, they can surely earn a good money on this site. To begin your journey to earn money online you must understand the basics first. Here, comes the role of our no.1 recommended company.

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If you have any question and you want to ask with us then please drop a comment in our comment box. We will be happy to help you.