What is Invitearn? Is Invitearn Scam or Legit?

What is Invitearn? Is Invitearn Scam or Legit?

If you are searching the web to know about Invitearn .com, your search ends here. In our Invitearn review, we are going to answer some general questions. Questions like, is Invitearn website is Scam? Or is Invitearn Legit? Or is Invitearn Real? Or is Invitearn Fake? On this website, we find it very well written paragraphs. They are luring people and attracting them very well. The problem is that this website is offering very profitable offers. Offers that are offered not viable for any company. No one in the world can pay such a good amount for doing absurd and rubbish tasks. Can you pay anyone in dollars for doing rubbish work and that is also to the whole world? If you are not concerned with the reasons and do not want to read the full article, then we can summarize the article for you. Invitearn is a scam website. It is not good for anyone because no matters how hard you work on this website, it will not going to pay you.

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What is Invitearn Is Invitearn Scam or Legit Is Invitearn Real or Fake Invitearn Review, Invitearn

How do Invitearn works?

It is not tough to crack the working of this website. The work is so easy that anyone can do it. They are basically working on referral programs. Those who do not know how referrals work, for them referral is the marketing strategy to increase the website traffic. Since website traffic plays the major role. Therefore, every website tries to increase their traffic. The website provides a unique referral link to its members. Members have to promote this website link on various social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, forums, blogs etc. The members are ‘the working engine’ of referral programs. Therefore, the company pays commission to its members. The genuine website provides very low commission but the Invitearn provides terrific offers i.e. up to $1 for per unique visitors and if it turns to become a member then you will earn more money. The company credits the amount instantaneously. The only problem is that this company does not pay. We talk about it later.

The other ways to earn money here, you can accomplish daily tasks and much bonuses every day. You can earn $5 for per task and up to $20 per bonus. According to the website, there is no limit to what you can earn daily. It totally depends on how much time you spend here. In other simple words of the company, 2-3 hours of working can make you $60-$160 per day. It has minimum payout limit of $100 after which you can request to receive your money. Once, you start earning on this website and reach the mark of $15, you feel that your pay per click rate decreases. It means that until $15 you are earning $1 and after it, your earning will be in cents for per click. It implies that no matter how many referrals you make while working on it. You are never going to cross that threshold limit of $100. You will not be able to request them for your payment because you never going to cross $100 limit. You may feel cheated. Yes it is a cheating. That is why it is a scam website. It only needs your information and others people information which they sell to the third party. Your time and resources are used by the website.

Invitearn owner information is not provided on their website. They did not even mention any name of any person. They are hiding or they want people to believe on them, based only on the words mentioned on their website. It means there is nothing solid proof of a company is genuine or not. They also guarded their information in WHOIS records which point towards its authenticity. It is so because only scam websites hide their identity from the people. It is because they do not want to leave any trails behind that later on used to catch them.


Invitearn is a scam website. We advise you to avoid it and do not waste your time on it. They are a group of a scammer who launches similar kind of websites every day. Yes, you read it right. Invitearn is not a unique website. In our Avoid Scam list, there are websites like Earningoods and others have the same working like Invitearn. The websites listed on our list are already declared as a scam.

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If you have any doubt about Invitearn website please share it with us. We will be glad to help you.