Is iRazoo A Scam? Reward site where you can earn?

Hello friends, today we are going to share you a new site name, We come to know about this site via social media.

You are reading this article it means you are also looking for this site. Here, we present our iRazoo Review.

There are many reward sites available on the internet that allow people to earn money or points via doing different activities on their site like playing games or watching videos. is one of them. Since money is involved on this site, many people have asked us two most general questions. First, is iRazoo Scam? Second, is Legit?

These two questions are very important. Believe it or not, these questions will help you to understand the company and save yourself from a scam.

Before starting our review we just wanted to appreciate your effort to do your own research. This way you just not only know about the scam sites but also about the legit sites. Like the these:

Website: iRazoo

Sitetype: Reward site

Scam: No

Recommended: No

Brief: is an old site but in 2016 it faces an ownership shift. With this change, many things changed in iRazoo. is the site where you can earn money or points by doing different activities like watching videos, playing games etc. You can use your points to convert it into money or use it for gift cards to 100’s of stores. It is a legitimate site but still, we do Not Recommend it. It is so because you can earn a side income but not a good income.

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Is iRazoo A Scam An Reward site where you can earn

What is iRazoo? How does it work?

Before moving ahead with our review, we want to clear that this site is legitimate. With the change in the hierarchy or the top leadership, the company goes under some changes.

They have fixed many complaints raised by many people earlier. In this respect, we believe that they are doing pretty good work to be in the business.

iRazoo is a reward earning site. Here, you can earn money in exchange for points. In order to earn that you have to do the following works:

  1. Watching videos: here, you have to just watch videos, trailer, and ads as provided by the site and earn points in respect of watching those videos. You can earn approximately $0.1 -$0.3 after watching a few videos (it is not a great money).
  2. Search and Earn: every search will not help you to earn money. Still, you can earn 1-25 points after being qualified for search. It is an occasional money, not a solid money.
  3. Play Games: games will also earn you some points which you can later turn into cash or gift cards. You can earn bonus completing the games after reaching a set score.
  4. Surveys: here one can earn good money. But to earn any kind of money or points, first, you have to get qualified for surveys. iRazoo contains many surveys on the site which pay $0.5-$2.5. It takes around 10-30 minutes to complete.
  5. Complete the offers: you can get free or paid offers on the site. Free offers generally pay around $0.25-$2. The condition of this offer is that you have to sign-up for a site or mailing list.

Other option i.e. paid one, offer to pay around $2.5-$10. The condition of this offer is that either you have to make a purchase or sign-up for a free credit card trail.

  1. Referral income: one can earn money on this site by referring this site to its friends or people he/she know. Each one of you will earn 500 points, only after your friends earn a 1000 points.
  2. Download Apps: you can earn money by downloading apps on your smartphones. In this act, you can earn around $0.15-$1.
  3. Promo Codes: you can get the different promo code on iRazoo you have to follow them on social media and their blog.

Now you can easily see that there are different ways available on the site that can help you to earn a money. They also have a reward option which is starting at $5. They have a PayPal payment system which is starting at $20.

When a user request for cash out, they receive their money within 7 days. iRazoo release the gift cards every Tuesday. They deliver it in your email, while PayPal payments are directly shown in your account.


There are few minor complaints you will see regarding which do not affect the company image. In totality, it is a good site a legit one. If you want to work on this site then you can without any hesitation. We do Not Recommend it as you will not going to earn much money on this site.

It takes many days to earn good money. If you have read the article above then you can see that to earn $0.1 one has to watch a few videos. It is nothing but wastage of time. If you have more than 24 hours a day then you must waste that extra time.

We are not recommending this site because there are other options available on the internet that can help you to earn a fulltime online income.

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 If you have any doubt regarding iRazoo please share it with us. We will be happy to help you.

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