Review: Is irisruby online store Legit or Scam?

Is irisruby online store Legit or Scam?

Hello reader, your search to know about irisruby site ends here. We are going to provide answer to those questions that might coming in your mind. Question like, is irisruby Scam? Or is irisruby Legit? Is irisruby Fake or Real?

All these questions are answered in the article in detail. If you do not want to read the whole article then it is right here, irisruby is Not Recommended by us. Whatever they are promising and claiming are bogus. There are some suspicious issues we have found about the site.

Do not make any purchase on this site as they are disguising itself like a shopping site but it is a scam site. The working or function is explained below.

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What is irisruby and reasons of not recommendation?

irisruby is an online store where one can make purchase (you will get it or not is another matter).

First, the owner information is not present on the site. Why it is important? Do you know the owner of Amazon? Yes, you know. The amazon is the most trusted and biggest online store. They have built trust among the people with time.

We do not know about the owner or any person working in irisruby. The identity of the owner or real person is important. The scammers generally hid their information to scam others. They are not get caught because you do not know to whom you have to catch.

They have hid their information in WHOIS records also. This make our doubt clear that this site is run by one or more scammers.

The address they mentioned in their “Terms of Service” page is ‘USA’ and nothing more.

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It is not a legit site, as legit sites provide their information to build trust and get a brand name for themselves.

Second, the fake email address. The email address available to lodge the complaints is shopsparklestaff@outlook. It is just a free email address that anybody can make. It is not paid email address.

Legit online stores have paid email address with private domain.

Since, irisruby are using free email address it means they are not professional. They are showing them as a professionals it means they are not genuine people. Which make us more suspicious about them.

Third, refund policy provided by irisruby is nothing but a joke. It is so because they have mentioned that your item has to be unused and must be in original packing.

The question is that how anybody will know either their item is good or not without opening it or trying it. That is why we termed their policy a joke.

Fourth, fake trust seals, logos are used on irisruby site. The required safety measures are not available on the site. It means if you provide our card detail the probability of your data will be used in future is one.

Never provide your information to such sites whose working is very suspicious. It is because sites like this sell your data to third party and earn good revenue. They might theft your money online using your financial details.

Fifth, there are already many complaints available on the internet. It means this site has fooled many people. Therefore, it is not wise to use this site for any kind of use.

End Verdict

irisruby is a scam site and we do Not Recommend it. There are many legit shopping sites available on the internet, please use them. Sites like irisruby want to scam your and suck your hard earned money. Share this article with people near and dear to you. The more you share the more people will become safe from online scams.

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If you have any doubt regarding the irisruby site, please share it with us. We will be more than happy to help you.