Is legit?

Is legit?

Digit Textbook is one of the new websites online that claim themselves to be a leading retailer of digital copies of textbooks and other educational eBooks.

We will try to analyze the content and behavior of this website with the little information we have on it up till now and update you about any suspicions we may seem to find about them.

In the meantime, we recommend that until you completely read this article; do not engage with the website under any circumstances.

Is legit?


There is a little icon that redirects you to a shady LinkedIn page about a person who is apparently the owner of this business but that profile has no display picture or any information what so ever about the person and his credibility. The page does not mention any sort of qualifications, past work, experiences or recommendations that might help validate the legitimacy of the owner or whether or not it is actually a real person.

Legitimate businesses, especially those that are involved in shopping store services of some sort are not known to conceal the identities of their leaders or owners. Mentioning the people behind a business is typically seen as a sign of trust and openness.

Likewise, has also hidden their data from web domain information sites like

While this might not seem like a big deal to many, in case of a mishap or fraud, there is no way for you to nominate a perpetrator as there aren’t any in this case. There is no one you can nominate to get compensated for any damages.

Offering big price cuts

What scam artists do to make a few quick bucks is display a huge discounts on products or services that people generally require. They get attracted to these unbelievable offers and put their money and safety at stake to acquire these products. seems to be following the same path if you take a closer look at most of their books and the about us page. They offer savings of up to 95 and 96 percent on etextbook titles and new ebooks respectively.

Design and security

While the webiste may be robustly built on a secure http protocol and search engines may not rate it as unsafe or malware-ridden, it still looks a lot suspicious. It doesn’t present a very promising or well-laidout refunds or return policy. According to some users on Reddit, was noted as a malicious place. Another user mentioned that the New York address given on the website checks to an empty building. There were some users defending the webiste and citing it as a good source for e-textbooks and having a great experience with it. However, all the users citing ‘great experience’ were using the same tone and all the accounts seemed to have been new users.

Using sites like these can actually compromise your personal information, billing data and this can land you in a lot of inconvenience because they can use it to commit various cybercrimes.


We recommend that you exercise extreme caution when dealing with and not get lured into its low-price offerings.