Is Sealigo com a genuine store?

Is Sealigo com a genuine store?

The website Sealigo.com deals with women’s clothing. The website offers different clothing apparels at very cheap price. Discount up to 15% is also available on this online store.

The website offers fashionable and modern style clothes at very low price cost. The website provides many modish clothing and other accessories at discounted rates.

They are giving “Vintage Straight Dress” at €26.91, but the real price of the dress is €33.64.You can buy this dress at a discount of -21% and you can also find various sizes of this dress on the website page.

The website is completely a fake website because they give massive discounts to their customers on all of their products. Furthermore, there are several red flags about this website that raise concerns about the credibility of Sealigo’s.



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