Is a genuine legit website?

Is a genuine legit website?

TTDstores is an online shopping website that has quite a lot of products listed on there to be ordered and sold. It claims to have been founded in the 1980s in Shenzen, China.

While the website may not be currently listed as malicious or unsecure by search engines, they might be acting suspiciously. Here’s our analysis regarding the safety involved in interacting with this website and whether it’s a good legitimate store for buying products online or not.

We request you to not make any transactions with this website until you have thoroughly gone through this review and are a hundred percent satisfied that this is a legitimate business.

Is a genuine legit website?

Owner of the store

There is a complete blackout regarding the details of the proprietor of this store. TTDstore have not provided any information about the owner of their business in any way so it is quite hard to figure out who really is behind it. Scam sites are known to hide such important details because they dread getting caught. Every legitimate shopping website on the internet like Flipkart, Amazon, Walmart etc. come out clean for their users and display all the information that validate their legitimacy.

However in contrast, new money making online shops and shopping stores who conceal their owner data are subjected to a very high trust deficit.

Likewise, TTDstores has concealed their data from web information sites like without having much reasons to do so.

All this means that in case of any mishap, no one can be held responsible or accountable.

Huge discount numbers

Offering unbelievable amount of discounts on the listed products is one of many ways through which scam sites lure visitors and internet users generally into spending money on their websites or entering their payment information. These attention grabbing techniques win over discount-hungry people on the internet who don’t research much before using their billing information on suspicious sites and they end up damaging their properties.Once you place an order from sites like these and get nothing delivered at your end, there is nothing you can do to get a refund. is also offering a staggering 99% off on all their documents. Nobody with a clean business work offers an amount like that off their hard acquired products. This is probably the biggest red-flag for you to move away from this website, maintain safe and alert others to do so as well.

Website design and security

The website gives a cheap, fishy outlook which, at first site, may look quite presentable to you but once you hover around, you will find that the website is very simply designed – as is any scam site because they don’t invest much money in maintaining it.

When reverse checked, every single image they have displayed on their boastful landing page, checks out with other websites and are taken without copyrights as well. The absence of blogs and articles regarding their company, production and finished items also doesn’t pose for a very promising business model.

Despite being on a secure https platform, TTDstores is never to be entrusted to hold your important personal or billing information. Their highly tempting prices and announcements of limited stocks lure people into providing them their Bank account numbers, credit/debit card information, emails or phones too. For all we know, they could be miscreants involved in other types of various cybercrimes too like hacking, blackmailing etc. who might use your PC or mobile as a platform to launch their attacks. Not only can this deprive you of your hard earned money, it can land you in very serious trouble with the authorities.

In conclusion, checks every box of being a fraudulent, scam site which can seriously harm you. Their business model is not secure or reliable and they’re likely going to take their setup down in a while as more and more people talk about it. We really advice you caution and urge you to stay clear of this scam.