Is Isagenix a Scam? Can you earn what you think?

Is Isagenix a Scam? Can you earn what you think?

You want to weight loss. If you are having some fat than dam sure you want to lose it. But if you still there is something for you in this article.

Welcome to our Isagenix Review. We are writing on this site because like you and we also come to know about this company. Two kinds of articles can be written on this site.

One in which we talk about their product and second, in which we can talk about the money. Yes, you can earn money on this site by becoming their distributor.

Since many people are looking for this site, the main questions come into the picture is that, is Isagenix Scam? Or is Isagenix Legit?

Both questions are imperative to go ahead. It is because if it is a scam site then it does not matter what they are paying at the end we will be on the losing site. By losing, we do not mean the weight.

On the internet, you believe it or not but many scam sites are also working by spreading fake claims about them to get people attention and when they get the attention they fool them.

How to make yourself save? Actually, you already know the answer. The answer is known about them by yourself and this is what you are doing and we appreciate your effort.

It does not only save you from scam but also help you to know other legit sites, like these…

Disclaimer: we are not associated with this site in any way. So you can except that this article is going to be from the third man perspective and help you to have an unbiased review of the company.

Company: Isagenix

Product type: weight loss product or healthcare products

Founders: John Anderson, Jim Coover and Kathy Coover (they found it in 2002)

Scam: No

Recommended: No

Cost: $29/year with starting product order and also monthly auto-ship

Brief: Isagenix is not a scam site. It is a legitimate site which is working on MLM strategy. They have the products that are dealing in healthcare market which is already a very vast market with many players. Their products are mostly regarding weight loss.  They really have an opportunity where one can earn money. But it is not much, as we also know that more than 90% people fail. We do Not Recommend this site.

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Is Isagenix a Scam Can you earn what you think

What is Isagenix?

Isagenix International LLC is an Arizona-based company which is started in 2002 by three people John Anderson, Jim Coover, and Kathy Coover. It privately held as an MLM company. They sell dietary supplements and personal healthcare products. Their products are mainly focused on weight loss.

They claim that their mission is to help ordinary people to “Take control of their lives”.

To fulfill their dream they adopted an MLM model where they are not selling nutritional products but also to give people an opportunity to have both health and wealth.

Isagenix Product Line

As we have already told that their focus is on the weight loss, so their flagship products are also aligned towards it i.e. 9-Day and 30-Day Weight Loss System.

  1. Isagenix 30-Day Weight Loss program

The cost of this program is $269-$378.50. This program contains different kinds of protein shakes, bars, herbal supplements, and sports drink. All of them are meant to lose weight.

The way they are trying to help people is by cleaning their body, support detoxification, and metabolism. It will eliminate body waste and stubborn fat which is hard to lose.

This will impact the overall health of the person and his/her well being.

  1. Weight Loss Solution

It contains snacks and minim meals. It is design to curb your hunger which will provide you an essential nutrition. This way your intake of calories will be less and which ultimately help in the process of losing weight.

  1. Performance Solution

It contains protein shakes, bars and other products that will help to improve your performance in sports or other physical activity.

  1. Vitality and Well Being

In this bag, you will found various kinds of supplements which are required for your daily nutrition. It is beneficial to target specific areas like join health and brain support.

  1. Essential Oils

These are one of the most common products used by today’s health conscious people. We can say that because we review mlm sites on daily basis and the essential oil is very common among them.

You can see the full list of the product on their site, but these are the major product which you will see on the site.

Regarding this product line, we want to say that it is not unique and you will find such kind of products on almost every healthcare product site.

Regarding product quality, we have found both kind of feedback i.e. positive and negative. There is no wrong with the quality of the product.

Many people have said that they have been benefitted with the products on the same time others have not benefitted. But here we want to tell with our experience is that if you follow any diet plan with due diligence and patience then you 100% going to lose weight.

We are not talking much about products because these are not our main focus. The main focus is….

how to earn money on this site?

In general, all MLM Companies provide two main ways to earn money.

First, you can sell their products in retail and earn retail income.

Second, you can make new recruits or distributors just like you and earn a commission. This commission is the main source by which one can earn good money and even millions.

You will not find Isagenix advertisement. It is because they are promoting their products in two ways, first, by mouth-to-mouth and second, social media.

Social media marketing is the new arena of the marketing industry.

Get Started with Isagenix

To get started with Isagnix you have to become their Preferred Customer. They will recommend you to sign up for 29 /year membership it is because you will get an additional discount and rewards with that membership.

After this, the second requirement is to place a “Qualifying Product Order”.

They have a starter packs for you to chose in which they have a different product in the line.

In order to remain their active member and also to get qualify for a commission, the member has to generate at least 100PV (Personal Volume) every month. It is approximately equivalent to $150/month.

Isagenix Compensation Plan

They have a binary compensation plan. In this plan, you need to minimum 2 people. One on your left and the second one on your right, it will make 2 downline teams.

There is a total of 5 different ranks: Associate, Consultant, Manager, Director and Executive. It is pretty obvious that commissions and bonuses are going to high as you going high to rank.

The only way to advance on the rank is to recruit as much as people you can. The ranking is depends upon the no. of recruit you make and the sales volume your donwline teams can generate.

On Isagenix, you can have 6 ways to get paid:

  1. Retail Profits
  2. Retail Direct Profits
  3. Product Introduction Bonuses
  4. Team Bonuses
  5. Executive Matching Team Bonuses
  6. Special Incentives & Promotions

One thing, I want to explain is that no matter how good and bad the compensation plan an MLM Company have. You will not make into the big league until you know the market and how to sell the product in that market?

More than 90% of people failed to even get fulltime income

It is a true fact. It is because people does not understand the market and did not have any idea how to sell their product to those, who needed them and not to those who does not.

MLM Companies want one thing that is to sell their product either by selling their product in the retail or in package by making recruits.

Now, MLM Companies try to show dreams to their recruits while hiring them. They tell them how much money they can earn, with their compensation plan after a few years they do not have to work anymore, they can get retire and earn handsome passive income.

All these dreams are not going to be turned into reality. May be for few people it worked but you must asked them was it easy for them.

Companies recruit newbies who do not have any experience in the marketing business. So the first thing, they do is to starting selling and recruiting people they know.

It works for many people and some people end up their relations also. It is because newbies sometimes force people to buy their products. This is not marketing world work.

Marketers present their products to customers in a way that they needed that product. But newbies do not now this kind of techniques and they definitely do not know about how to do it in digital marketing.


Isagenix is a legit company which is working on a MLM strategy. They are not scamming any one. If people are saying something about their product then you must take that into consideration but the fact that can you earn a fulltime income here, then we are sorry to say, it is not going to happen.

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If you have got any doubt regarding the Isagenix then share it with us. You can write to us in our comment box. We will be happy to help you.