Is “It Works” a Scam? MLM or another Pyramid Scheme!!

Hi folks, like many of you we also come to know about this product name “It Works”. This ‘It Works’ review will literally talk tell you it works or not.

We presume almost everyone has seen pics of people ‘before and after’. These photos are generally told how their product help to lose weight.

We welcome you all in our review and congratulate you to take your time off from your busy schedule to do your own research. We appreciate your effort, it is because this way you can avoid and make yourself safe from the scams running online.

We are not associated with this product in any manner. We do not care much about the quality of their product as we are not experts but we certainly care about the earning methods or opportunity it provides.

Our article will also answer some of the most asked questions that are also coming into your mind like, is “It Works” Scam? Or Legit. Many people are not interested to read the whole article, for those we are writing a short summary below.

Product: It Works!

Founder: Mark & Cindy Pentecost

Founded: in 2001

Product deals in Healthcare, Skin Care, and Nutrition

Cost: $99 initially, and other various monthly recurring fees (which can touch hundreds of dollars)

Useful for: people who are good at networking business.

Summary: “It Works” is a legitimate company and it is not a scam for sure. Many people succeed in selling products, so they also succeed in making good money. But, as per the statistics and reports more than 97% of people fail in networking business. We do Not Recommend this company to our readers, reasons are discussed below.

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What is It Works Is It Works Scam or Legit Is It Works Real or Fake It Works Review, It Works

What is the “It Works!” and How it works?

“It Works” is a company that deals with the products of health and wellness. This company is an MLM Company (Multi-Level Marketing) which is selling a skincare product name the Ultimate Body Applicator.

MLM companies offer its members or recruits two ways to earn money. First, by selling their product in retail and second, by recruiting new members (here people earn good commission).

Some companies focus more on recruiting rather than selling their product and unfortunately, in later times they turned into a scam. We are also looking this company working, is it working as MLM or Pyramid Scheme (which is illegal)?

As we have already mentioned, the “It Works” is founded by two people name: Mark and Cindy Pentecost in 2001. Now their company has expanded over many countries especially in Europe and North America.

“It Works” product 

Ultimate Body Applicator is the flagship product of “It Works”. It is popularly known as “That Crazy Wrap Thing”. It helps people to get slim by using their wrap product that burns the belly fat in a short period of time.

The best part of these kinds of product which catch people attention is that here Wrap has to work instead of a person who wants to reduce the fat.

This product claim to help you to tone, firm, tighten and improve your skin texture and all that in just 45 minutes.

You can apply it to any part of your body, be it stomach, legs, arms, back etc.

If you watch their video than you will see people getting slim by using this product but in reality it is not proved. Still, our main focus is around earning money. Even though we know product quality does matter but we know this kind of product have the same kind of quality and that is why we are not wasting our and your time on silly points.

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It Works Product

Other Products:

  1. Defining Get
  2. Fab Rap
  3. Facial Cleanser
  4. Toner
  5. Anti-aging cream (and other cosmetics)
  6. They have a product for nutritional supplements for various purposes.
  7. Essential oils
  8. Protein powder
  9. Energy Drinks
  10. Keto-diet products and many more things available in “It Works”.

Real Question: How to make money with “It Works”?

As we have already told, like every other MLM Companies “It Works” also offer two ways to earn money.

First by selling the product in retail and second by making recruits like yourself downline and earn commission, bonuses and override commissions.

In the beginning, you have to buy their kit which is known as Business Builder Kit of $99. If you want to be their distributor then you have to purchase it.

This kit provided by them contains their products, some samples, catalog and other things which will be required or needed by distributors.

As you buy the kit you become their distributor which is known as “Wrapreneur”.

Being a Wrapper, you will be entitled to own a website for your own to promote “It Works” products. They will charge a monthly fee for this website, which cost $20.

Also, you have to pay an annual fee of $35.

There are some conditions for Wrappers which tells the company that you are an active member. The conditions are:

    1. You have to maintain a monthly auto-ship of 80 units per month. It cost almost $100 to $120. It means this kind of business you have to bring every month.
    2. You have to sell almost 400 units volume every month.

Compensation Plan of “It Works”

The compensation plan of “It Works” is similar to other MLM Companies i.e. confusing. Actually, as they say, the devil is in the detail. The more you read the compensation plan the more you will get confused.

This is where many people did not read the conditions and other things and enter in this field without preparation and thinking.

There is three commission plan available in “It Works”:

  1. Retail Commission – in this you have to sell the product in retail and earn commission, simple and plain.
  2. Loyal Customer Commission– if you are able to make any person a loyal customer i.e. by selling them a 3-month subscription fee then you can earn residual income as long as they continue as a subscriber. In addition, if you able to make 4 loyal customers in one month period of time then you will earn an additional $120 as a cash bonus.
  3. Team Commission– this is how MLM Companies work, you will earn commission for making new recruits downline and also earn a different percent of commission on your recruit’s recruitment.

Cons of “It Works”

  1. Pyramid Scheme in disguise: “It Works” is not a pyramid scheme but as we seen their plan and the so-called “Success Plan”, all are busy in making new recruits instead of promoting the product. It is not good for a genuine company because it hampers its growth and subsequently affects your income.
  2. Unclear Charges: paying for the website and other things on monthly and yearly basis does not work for many people as it hampers their income and never allow them to earn a good money which is definitely not the purpose of anyone.
  3. Pointless products: their flagship product is that kind of product when anybody buys it, he/she will not going to buy it again. As such kind of products never works as per their claims. They do not have unique product and market is full of such products.
  4. Costly Product: their membership is very costly and they are of totally no use. Their kit is not up to the mark. It definitely does not worth its value.
  5. More than 97% fail to earn money: actually, this happened due to various factors like:
  6. Not understanding the market: newbies or people who are new to this kind of work generally do not know much. What we mean is that people do not understand the market and how it works. They do not know how to market the product rightly.
  7. Use primitive methods: generally, people start selling and recruiting people they know. This list of people soon get saturated and now they do not have any new recruit or sale. Therefore, they lose their income.
  8. No motivated: since people lose their income, they are not motivated to work further and they just stop there instead of understanding the reasons for their failure.
  9. Downline not working: if you are not motivated and working then never expect anybody downline will going to work hard and bring passive income to you.


“It Works” is not a scam. We have already talked about it. We hope that the reasons for not recommending this company are understandable. These are simply our opinion and if you have a different opinion then you can follow yours. Our job is to provide the review which helps you to take your decision and not to tell what to do. There are many options available on the internet that are way more better than “It Works”.

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If you have any doubt regarding “It Works” then please share it with, we will be happy to help you.

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