Jenlisee Review: Is Unscrupulous?

Jenlisee Review: Is Unscrupulous?

Your research ends here. You are correctly at the right place where all your reaction will find their response. We have been researching and writing since years and we deal with such websites daily. All your doubts and queries like, Is Jenlisee a fake or trustworthy? Is it a bogus site? The answer to your all questions is, Yes definitely Jenlisee is 100% fake and Scam website.

The site assures that all high quality women dresses, all print style bottoms, magnificent coats; are available at best prices and splendid discounts. It ascertains that it makes the life of the women easy going with daily fashionable items, and changing your personality from head to toe. But its been researched and founded by us that Jenlisee is fake website.

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Jenlisee Review: Is Unscrupulous?


It highly claims that all the products are available at cheap and affordable prices. There are availing high discounts which is quite impressive for the people who are viewing it. But it is completely pretending way to trap innocent people for own personal incentives.

Jenlisee hasn’t provided any information related to owner or the founder of the website. It’s just been given that the company has its likelihood in three countries namely; Canada, China, United states. Other than that no contact details or any email address is been mentioned. Therefore, all the other legit sites provide their contact details and other relevant information. Even the About Us section is completely about the exaggerate words and phrases. The various statements in “Terms and Condition” are similar to bogus sites.

The Refund policy department is completely a jest. It claims that the sale or promotional items are not liable to be refunded, as it’s been noticed all the products in the Jenlisee website is on sale. Then what’s the use of such negligent website. Interestingly the other condition for refund policy is that all the delivered items should not be misused and should be in the original packaging itself. Therefore, how could it be possible to check the items if it is to be replaced with the original packing. If not that, then the customer will be held accountable for the price and no refund will be issued.

The website is complete a sheer waste of time. How can a company provide such high discounts up to 90%? When will the company earn for itself? Hence, there are many reviews against Jenlisee site by the personages. All these reviews claims that whatever product they have been delivered with are of low and cheap quality without any worth.

Jenlisee is been designed in a very unprofessional way, the theme of the website is very untidy, and no measures are been taken to secure the personal information of the customers. As the security measures are not taken, therefore there is a danger of misplace and misuse of the personal information and the bank details to the third party.

This website is completely fake. How can website which just exists from 191 days ago, can provide such heavy discounts with a guarantee of irresistible products.


The website assures that all the products are of good and modern quality with affordable prices but, in reality they are just like other scam sites. Either they do not deliver the goods or if delivered they are of cheap quality and sometimes even damaged.

Therefore it’s highly suggested to stop using such fake sites. If you have already ordered the products from Jenlisee then immediately contact your bank or credit card company to make a refund an cancel your credit card , to issue for a new one.

All in all, due to various reasons we have put Jenlisee in our “Avoid Scam” section to make you all aware of the fact that such websites are bogus and fake.

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