Jeunesse Global Review – Is Jeunesse a Scam?

Hi folks, if you are reading this article it means you are searching about Jeunesse Global. Your search has brings you to the right place. In this Jeunesse Global review, we will answer some essential questions like, is Jeunesse Global Scam? Or is Jeunesse Global Fake? Or is Jeunesse Global Legit? Or is Jeunesse Global Real? Many people get confused by reading different reviews or by seeing the site. It is very confusing to understand any company by just seeing it, therefore, in this article, we dig into the working of the company. If you are not willing to read the whole article and do not care about the reasons then we can provide you the crux of this article. Jeunesse Global is not a scam but it is one of the genuine companies. Still, we do Not Recommend it because our main focus is that can one earn a fulltime income from this site. You can earn money it is very hard to earn a fulltime income, especially for newbies.

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What is Is Jeunesseglobal Scam or Legit Is Jeunesseglobal Real or Fake Jeunesseglobal Review, Jeunesseglobal

What is Jeunesse Global and how it works?

Jeunesse Global is a network marketing company which was founded by two people, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis in 2009. Both of them have good experience of the industry and market. They were known to grown huge organizations in the past. On the site, they have written or claimed that they are not a traditional network marketing company. They are not using old-school methods that were used before social media. But we found it not untrue because they are still encouraging people to sell their products to their family, friends and so on. This strategy was used earlier now it is the time of internet and social media where you get customer by promoting the product.

It is an MLM company in it a person can earn money in two ways: first by selling the product and second by recruiting new people. The idea behind every MLM Company is that the seller first uses their product and then recruit a new person as he was recruited. This builds a chain and some percentage of is given to the member in the top. If you want to understand more about the MLM companies please click the link:

Jeunesse Globals – The Product Line

Jeunesse Global company main focus on skin care product and that is why their star product is also a skincare product known as Luminesce.

They also have products range from nutrition to personal care. Their flagship product is based on skin care and they also believe that their product is the best skin care product in the world. They have told that their product Luminesce is unique because it has a special formula that is patent pending to restore the luminosity, firmness and give you smoother skin. We did not find any complaint against the product so we believe it is a good product.

Jeunesse Business-Opportunity

There are 6 ways to earn income on Jeunesse Global

  1. Retail Profit
  2. New Customer Acquisition Bonus
  3. Team Commissions
  4. Leadership Matching Bonus
  5. Customer Acquisition Incentive
  6. Leadership Bonus Pool

Jeunesse Global Compensation Plan: like other MLM companies they do also have a compensation plan which is confusing. It is not much you can understand from it. You can see their compensation plan easily on the Youtube.


Our main focus on this site is that can one earn money. By selling any product anyone can earn money online. But the point is that can you earn money regular form this site. Many people have declared this site scam it is because they were not able to earn money. This is the people failure and not the company. You cannot earn a fulltime online income by selling these products as they have good competition and you do not know how to market it with new strategies. For newbies earning money on this site is difficult for any person who has an experience in affiliate marketing can make money from this site without stressing himself.

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If you have any doubt regarding Jeunesse Global or any other site please share it us and we will help you out. It will be our pleasure to help you.

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