JillsClickCorner Review – Scam or Legit?

JillsClickCorner Review – Scam or Legit?

JillsClickCorner Review - Scam or LegitName: JillsClickCorner
Rating: 65/100
Owner: Jill de Bruin
Price to join: Free
Link to join: www.jillsclickcorner.com

JillsClickCorner: Overview:

JillsClickCorner has been online since  March 2006 and the owner of the site is Jill de Bruin from Netherlands. JillsClickCorner is a Paid to Click site in which you earn money by viewing advertisement, completing offers and playing games.

How to earn money in JillsClickCorner

Earn money by clicking ads: You can earn money by clicking and viewing ads. You will get 0.0001 to 0.005 for each ad click. Your daily earning depends on the country and your membership. The more you be active in the site, the more ads you will see.

Earn money by completing offers:

JillsClickCorner Provides offerwalls in which you can earn money. You can also earn money by watching virool videos.When you will complete offer, you will earn points. 1 point is equal to 1 cents.

Earn money by Playing games:

In JillsClickCorner, You can also earn cash and games tokens by playing games. You can play their game using your game tokens. The more tokens you have, the more game you can play and the higher your chances to win.

How to earn more money in JillsClickCorner

In order to earn more money, you need to refer people to the site. There is unlimited direct referrals program exist, So you can refer more people to the site and earn commissions from them.You will get 10% from your referrals each ad click.

JillsClickCorner provides different payment processor to cashout the amount. The  Minimum cashout is $1 for Paypal and  PerfectMoney. Payment are processed within two weeks.

Upsides of JillsClickCorner

  • JillsClickCorner is a legit site and paying to its members on time without any issue.
  • There is no limit on direct referrals, So it the good for that member who have lot of active referrals.
  • The minimum cashout is very low and fixed. For some Payment processor, The minimum amount is $0.10 and for others it is $1.

Downsides of JillsClickCorner

  • Your earning will be low if you have not good amount of referrals. The clicking rate is very low, so try to get more direct referrals to increase your income.
  • They provide some PSTU offers, In which you need to signup on other sites. You will get credited within 7-10 days, if your work is approved by the advertiser. Many times, Advertisers do not approved and you will not get credited. So try to do other work instead wasting of your time in such offers.
  • They don’t have forum. If you want to discuss with other members or want to give any complaints about the site, Then you can’t.When you request for to cashout the amount, They will ask your personal information. Your account can be suspended if you give them wrong information.

Final Verdict

JillsClicksCorner has been online for more than 9 years and paying without any issue. Click rate is low, But there are other earning features which help you to earn more. With no limit on DR, You can boost your income in this site.

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