Job2ref is now – Jobbravo Scam

Job2ref is now – Jobbravo Scam

Update: Job2ref was a scam site, The owner of the site found that there are many complaints on the internet about Job2ref so he changed the site name to Jobbravo and also transfered the domain name to So our this Job2ref review also apply  for Jobbravo. Jobbravo is a Fake or Scam site, So Stay away from it.

Looking for Job2ref reviews? Then you are on the right page. In this Job2ref review, We will discuss about what is Job2ref, Whether Job2ref Scam or Legit and Whether Job2ref Real or Fake and so on. But if you don want to read our full review and want to know very quickly whether job2ref is scam or not, then job2ref is a scam site. They are providing fake offers to attract more people into their website only to make money for themselves, Not to pay anyone. Earning money is not so easy as Job2ref claims. So, Stay away from this site. There are many scams online So, If you are looking for good and trusted sites which really pay then you can find list of those sites by clicking this link

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Now let’s start our job2ref review as given below.

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What is job2ref and Why it is a bad site?

If you search over the web you will find that job2ref is not a single which provide these kind of offers. If you visit other similar site Themoneygrill and Income4living, then you will find that all of these sites are using same theme and giving same kind of attractive offers. The only difference in all of these sites are their website name and their domain name. The business model of all these sites are totally fake, They are only open to scamming people. By looking their data, It seems that all of the sites are operated by the same group. The main target of this group are the people who begin their online career. People who are on beginning stage in online work industries try to look for easy ways to make money online and when they found the sites like  job2ref, they fall into their trap. But they must know that earning good money need lot of hard work, Not is easy as these kind of sites claim.

Offering $10 for every link visit is a totally a fake claim. None of good companies offer these kind of rate on each link click. They pay in cents like 0.01$ to $0.02 and sometimes a little more. Job2ref also offer $5 when you join their site. Giving $10 for a simple task and offering $5 on signup, Only scam sites can do these type of things.  In job2ref, The minimum cashout limit is set to $50 and when you request for cashout they will give you a survey and ask you to complete that survey in order to get your payment. In their website, they clearly mentioned that you do not need to complete any survey to receive your payment, So why they are giving you survey when you request for cashout. May be you think there is not a big problem to complete one survey to receive your payment, But when you try to complete those survey you will find that those survey are not free, You need to pay from your own pocket to complete those survey. Even if you complete those survey by paying from your own pocket, They will not pay you. These sites are only open to make money for themselves, When some one complete  those paid survey, they will get commission.

They also make money by selling your personal information to third parties, And your information can be used to make Fake passport, Fake citizenship e.t.c. So you should always be careful before joining these kind of sites.

There is no information  provided about owner in their website. They also registered their domain name privately to hide their real identity. However, they provide a email address in the contact section of their website. The funny is that when you try to message in that email id your message will be failed because the email address they provided doesn’t exist. It is clear, They don’t want to come upfront of people because they also know that they are running a scam site.


Job2ref is 100% scam site. All the claims by Job2ref are totally fake and they also don’t pay to anyone. So stay away from this site. We also added this site into our “Avoid Scams” List.

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If you want to ask any question about Job2ref or want to ask any other online job companies, then please leave your comment below. We are Happy to help you.