What is Jobtaka.com? Is Jobtaka Scam or Legit?

What is Jobtaka.com? Is Jobtaka Scam or Legit?

If you are searching to know about Jobtaka.com then your search ends at our webpage with detail Jobtaka review. In this article we are going to solve some of the most generic question trouble reader like, is Jobtaka Scam? Or is Jobtaka Legit? Or is Jobtaka Real? Or is Jobtaka Fake? There are many websites working online to offer easy ways to work. Why are they offering such bogus offers? They are because we are demanding easy ways to earn money online. Companies operating on website with easy job opportunities are just supplying what a major part of world population is demanding. It does not matter in which country we reside. We all have same kind of thinking in the matter of money i.e. why website cheat people all over the world through internet. If you do not want to read our full review then ‘Jobtaka is 100% pure scam site’. There are various website listed in our ‘Avoid Scam‘ list that have same offers and same theme. Yes, website like Dutytrend, Dutymoney, Dutytimes, Dutypool, Dutyspace and many more are having similar theme and offers like Jobtaka. The only difference is the difference in the domain name. It implies that may be such websites are operated by same group of people.

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What is Jobtaka.com Is Jobtaka Scam or Legit Is Jobtaka Real or Fake Jobtaka Review, Jobtaka

How does Jobtaka works?

There are many website working to provide easy jobs to earn money online as stated above also. After signing up members have to do some easy tasks which will take only 5-10 sec to complete one task. They are really easy and absurd task but company is paying $10 for every task member completes. Company credit as soon as member completed the task. The account created in their website will credit immediately and it can be seen also. To withdraw your money member must put request first. Before requesting for withdraw of money, member must meet out the minimum payout condition. Minimum payout is the minimum limit of money, that should be earned by member before requesting for withdraw. After, completing the minimum payout limit when member request for withdraw, company simply told them that their request is in process and it will take one month time. When member ask them to release money soon then they told that member have to pay up-gradation fees or complete some paid surveys for them. After completing the paid surveys then also company does not pay to members. Why they are not paying after completing all the task? The simplest answer is that they does not have any intention from the beginning to pay to anyone. They in their history never pay to anyone. They are not even going to pay. Here, we should think with peaceful mind that, the claims made by such website is rubbish and no one will pay dollars to anybody for completing absurd tasks which have no meaning. They are cheating and making fool of us. If we assume that company pay as they are saying, then company will collapse in no time. For the fact, such companies which is available in numbers never being collapse. It is so because they never pay to anyone and that is why never get collapsed.

Website will ask members to provide their personal as well as financial information to them. They sell members information to third party. Since, information is the new currency they understand it very well. They turn data into big data which generate revenue for them. Through financial information hackers theft people accounts their real bank account by sending phishing emails or malware. Do not share your information with anybody because all hackers are not ethical.

The most important point we should ask before trusting any website in which money is involve is that how authentic and credible is the company? Scam site operator play psychological game with people. They intentionally provide high offers which make people blind to ask about their authenticity. The company owner detail is not provided by the website they also hided their information in WHOIS record. They intentionally hiding so that no one will catch them in future. They are just not leaving any trail that will lead to them in future because what they doing is ethically wrong and illegal.


Jobtaka is purely a scam site and the company is not going to offer you any money. Do not waste your time and resources in this website. Keep distance from such website or totally avoid them. They are just looting people. Earning money cannot be easy it may be simple. Each kind of work needs its due hard work or worth. Do not go for shortcut because they never lead to success.

If you have any doubts about Jobtaka then please ask us or comment in our comment box.