Is a Scam website? Keencp Review

Is a Scam website? Keencp Review

Are you looking to know more about, then you are looking at the aright article. Earning online income is not a new trend and everybody still wants to do it. Since many people are earning very good money from home (online). This encourages many people to find job online. It creates a new market for fraud people. Do you getting some question in mind like, is Keencp Scam? Or is Keencp Legit? Or is Keencp Fake? Or is Keencp Real.? We are going to provide answer of above questions in our Keencp Review. If you want to lower your burden of reading then ‘it is purely a scam site’. Earning money is not easy. If anyone claims this then beware of them because in the reality anything is possible, but not in the easy way.

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What is Is Keencp Scam or Legit Is Keencp Real or Fake Keencp Review Keencp

How does Keencp works?

Keencp have different working pattern then other site. Its unique operations give it upper hand than other scam site and one can consider it as genuine site. What happens in Keencp is that, first you can only become a member if somebody give you a referral link. After clicking the referral link, you have to register yourself with them. There is no signup bonus, which make their argument strong of being a genuine company.

But what happen after sing-up is that you have to make referral to earn money. Very simple math apply here, more referral will generates and increase traffic for their website. It will result rising of revenue using the traffic and company will give reward to its member on their referrals. But what happen generally in genuine site they provide commission and that is also very low. Here, Keencp providing $20 for every referral. It is very good and profitable amount for any one. This is where they lack in authenticity. Paying $20 to everyone on every referral is unsustainable business model for anyone. It means that this company will soon going to collapse or may shut down itself after some time.

If you are thingking that after 5 referral you will going to withdraw $100 then my friend they have one condition before that i.e. minimum payout. Minimum payout is the condition that states that members can not withdraw their amount until they have some specific amount in their account. Why I write specific here, because the company said that to withdraw our money ‘you need a minimum of real referral, you will be paid through Paypal’.

If you meet out the minimum payout condition even then they will not going to pay you. They told the user that their request for payment is in process. It they want thier money urgently then they have to pay the fees or complete some surveys. Since these are paid survey, they are going to generate revenue for them only.

Since in today’s time, information is the new currency. They ask personal information from users and then sell the information to the third party. They are going to generate revenue even from this angle. They also require your financial information to pay you but this way they just want your financial information. It will make you vulnerable and an easy target for hackers.

Owner information is not provided by Keencp. They have also guarded their owner information in WHOIS record. Why we are concerned about owner information? Since, you are going to earn money online through them. You should know the genius behind such a great cause who is providing money for just referring a link. True information show the transparency of the company which build trust. Trust gave the proof of authenticity. If site is not genuine, then the time and resources you have put in this site will be futile. Generally scam sites shut their business without informing anybody. They don’t even require running away with people money because they looting people in cyber space. It is very hard to catch such people who did not provide right information or hide their information.


This site is 100% scam site. We aware our readers from it and advice them please avoid it. They are just faking everything and not going to pay anybody. Do not fall in the trap of easy earning because nothing come easy in today’s world.

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If you have any doubt left about Keencp then please ask. You can simply drop your comment in the comment box. We will be happy to help you.