What is Keendd.com? Keendd Review

What is Keendd.com? Keendd Review

Are you concern about Keendd website? Your concern is very right. In this Keendd review we are going to answers of the problems like, is Keendd Scam? Or is Keendd Legit? Or is Keendd Real? Or is Keendd Fake? There is numerous websites working on the internet to offer easy ways to earn money. Websites offering such luring offers are not new. Earning money is not easy task we all know, but still we get fall into trap of these websites. Websites are just making people fool because they are not legit. If you do not want to read full article, then we will provide you with crux of this review. Keendd is a scam website. It is 100% not legitimate. This website working is not very unique. It is because there are other websites also working on the internet on same theme and offers. Websites like Dutyspace, Dutytimes, Dutytrend and many more already listed in the Avoid Scam list have similar working and themes.

There are many websites working on the internet that are genuine and legible. They help people to earn money online. We have made a list of some good website in our webpage. You can see the list by clicking the link: https://onlineincomeresources.com/legitimate-work-at-home-opportunities

In our list Wealthy Affiliate Company got the top rank in ranking. This website has various training programs on their website. They mentor their members also to earn full time earning. To know more about this website working and offers please clicks the link: https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

What is Keendd.com Is Keendd Scam or Legit Is Keendd  Real or Fake Keendd  Review, Keendd

How does Keendd works?

Earning money easily is the motto of such website. They think that people are fool and they can easily cheat them. They are offering $10 for every easy task complete by the members. The members will see that their account is credited every time you complete the task. The task is very simple and it takes only 5 seconds to complete. The tasks were not only easy they are absurd also. Nobody with sound mind offer such lucrative offer which helps in collapsing the company. Genuine websites also work on the internet in which people can earn money but they are not huge amount. Low offers generally give sustainable backing to the company. It helps them to not get collapse. But the fun fact is that Keendd website also does not collapse it is because they do not pay to its members.

In this website they have minimum payout limit. The minimum payout limit is the minimum balance a member must have in their account before requesting for withdrawal of their money earned in this website. When someone completes this condition and request for payment, company message back that your request is in progress. They never pay to its members even after meeting out the limit. When somebody complaints about the nonpayment. The company again replies that to receive your payment soon, members have to pay up-gradation fees or complete some surveys for them. The surveys are paid surveys. It means instead of earning of money you will end up in losing your own. It does not matter how hard you work for this website it is not going to pay you.

This website does not provide any information about its owner. They do not provide any information about their personals. Their working is not transparent. It is because they are hiding their details with us. They guarded their information in the WHOIS records. Generally, people working on the scam websites earlier hide themselves so that nobody can catch. They are working on fooling people only. They are never going to benefit people.

They ask people to share their financial as well as personal information. Information is used by the website by selling it to some third party. They know that information is the new currency of this world. Never share your information with non legit websites and especially the financial information. Hackers took the advantage of revelation of financial information by you.


Keendd is a scam website and it is not good where you should invest your time and resources. Do not go after the lucrative and easy offers. Scammers set the trap on easy paths. Beware of such websites and also aware other people in your social circle about them. Our advice will be to ‘avoid’ this website.

Wealthy Affiliate Company is one of the most genuine and legitimate website working on the internet from the last 12 years. It is not the quick earn website. But they help people to earn full time earning. To know more about this website please visits our website review page by clicking the link: https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit


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